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Israel begins air strikes in Gaza over ‘burning balloons’ | Conflicts between Israel and Palestine Issues

Israel has begun air strikes in Gaza after besieged Palestinians sent dangerous balloons to southern Israel.

The Israeli army launched an air strike on the Gaza Strip early Wednesday after besieged Palestinian civilians sent dangerous balloons to southern Israel, Israeli soldiers and witnesses in Gaza said.

In a statement, the Israeli military said it had attacked Hamas and said it was “ready for any action, including a crackdown on Gaza militants”.

The whereabouts of the bomber were unknown.

The uprising is the first of its kind between Israel and Gaza since a May 21 ceasefire ended an 11-day insurgency in Israel, killing 256 Palestinians, including 66 children, according to Gaza officials. Twelve people in Israel have also been killed by rockets fired from camps.

Tuesday, hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza he objected as opposed to the “oppressive” march from Israel which was on the far right through East Jerusalem.

Tuesday called “Flag Markets“The commemoration of the Israeli occupation of the East in 1967 in 1967 came as a result of the ongoing disputes over Israeli pressure to relocate Palestinian families to Sheikh Jarrah.

Prior to the march, Israeli police forcibly evicted Palestinians outside the Damascus Gate in Old City. At least 17 Palestinians were arrested and 33 others injured when Israeli police fired shots at nearby Damascus gates.

Hundreds of Jewish Jews on the march were heard chanting “Death to the Arabs” in Hebrew. In another protest against Palestine, he shouted: “Let your city be burned.”


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