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In a statement, Cummings criticized COVID’s response to UK PM | Stories by Boris Johnson

Dominic Cummings, a former adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said the United Kingdom had failed in its COVID-19 crisis and had fallen short of “standards” during the epidemic.

In a bid to oust the former government, Cummings on Wednesday told law enforcement agencies that some ministers and officials had gone on holiday in February last year – when the virus was nationwide – as they had asked the health secretary for dismissal.

Cummings said the government “did not take part in the war in February in any way, form or form”, adding that “most people were really playing games”.

“The truth is that prime ministers, senior officials, senior advisers like me, have failed miserably what people have the right to expect from their government in such cases,” Cummings said.

“When people really need us, the government has failed,” he said, adding that people have “died unnecessarily” as a result.

Cummings know Johnson

The UK has recorded about 128,000 coronavirus deaths, the highest in Europe and the fifth in the world.

The vaccine campaign, which began in December, has led to infectious diseases and deaths, but the government acknowledges that it needs to answer difficult questions about how to protect against the virus by asking in public again in the future.

When the outbreak began, investigators accused Johnson of being slow to respond to the threat of the virus.

After leaving Johnson’s party at the end of last year, the Cummings became one of the Prime Minister’s most vocal opponents of the epidemic.

On Wednesday, Cummings said Johnson in early 2020 saw COVID as a “dangerous case” like swine flu and delayed the implementation of the global crisis, which went into effect on March 23.

Cummings says Johnson was so skeptical of the virus that he decided to get the state’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, to inject coronavirus injections into television to prove it.

Hancock ‘should be evicted’

According to Cummings, Health Secretary Matt Hancock should be fired for lying at public meetings on COVID-19.

When asked for an example, he said Hancock told ministers that self-defense equipment was being upgraded in April, but that later did not happen.

One of the founders of a successful campaign to oust the UK from the European Union, Cummings was elected Johnson’s top adviser after becoming Prime Minister in 2019.

He left in November, months after being charged with aggravated burglary.

“The whole affair was a tragedy for the government and for COVID’s policies,” Cummings said Wednesday, apologizing for the misdemeanor.

The government has repeatedly denied its allegations, which it often shares on Twitter.

Johnson Wednesday said he had not received Cummings’ testimony.

“Ending the epidemic is one of the most difficult things to do in this country in the long run but nothing has been decided,” Johnson told Parliament in response to questions from opposition leader Keir Starmer.

“Weaving is the most difficult thing in the world, coping with the epidemic has been incredibly difficult, and we have always tried to reduce life expectancy, save lives and protect the NHS, and have followed the best scientific advice we can.”

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