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ICYMI: The new Apple TV 4K finds Siri remotely

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The past few weeks have brought in new tools from Apple, Google and others. We have to work on testing the new Apple TV 4K, which Devindra Hardawar says is better than the old version that takes it a long way. Billy Steele listened to the new Pixel Buds A-Series program, which is as good as last year’s race and cost less than $ 80. Devindra also tested the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti, which gave it a better lighting performance but it might be hard to put your hands on. And Mat Smith cleaned his house with a Dyson V15, which uses lasers to help keep your space clean.


Devindra stayed for a while with 2021 Apple TV 4K, which is exactly the same as last year’s model, keep a Siri remote that makes a huge difference in everyday use. The new remote location has a built-in connector, all of which can handle other issues related to the old type. It’s small and easy to hold, and Devindra says the shape and size make it easy to confuse. The rules and regulations also changed. Devindra went so far as to agree that the owners of the Apple TV app should upgrade their remote.

The whole tool is very similar to the previous one, though a little faster. The A12 Bionic processor powers Dolby Vision video and HDR video. In a test, Devindra found that the fixed box was able to easily switch between apps and streams, and was able to shoot video-to-picture videos as it flowed through other apps. She also loves the help of HomeKit, which gives her the opportunity to run smart phones even when she is away from home. Although it is one of the cheapest tools, Devindra still believes it is beneficial, especially for iOS users.

List of Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Billy Steele / Engadget

Google has officially unveiled the file for Pixel Buds A-Series this week and is expected to hit the shelves by June 17th. Billy Steele tested the new wireless ears to see how they compare with last year’s brand. He also said that although the A-Series pages are not limited to anything, their $ 99 price makes them a success. The earphones have a new kind of Dark Olives but are smaller, rounder and more comfortable when they enter the ear, as in the past. Voted for IPX4, the A-Series is waterproof enough to pass through. Baskets and case weigh 14 grams compared to previous Pixel Buds, so they are light enough to wear for long periods of time.

Billy said the wording of the word remains the same as last year’s color: the right combination of colors and sound in detail. He also said that the addition of the app add-ons eliminates past problems. But the A-Series is not without its pitfalls: in particular, it has no wireless controls or controllers on board. But the deep integration of Google Assistant, word-of-mouth, enough – yes – low cost makes them a great opportunity.


Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

Attempting to buy a GPU in today’s market is a major problem due to the lack and lack of it. Devindra Hardawar says it’s new NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti it will be a rhinoceros on store shelves (if you can afford it) because of the good rays and fast speed. Our benchmark test reveals a lot of performance of the 3080 Ti: it reached 600 points over 3080 on the 3DMark TimeSpy Extreme test and was about 1,000 times faster than the Radeon 6800 XT. The version in real game is about 200fps in Tsoka 2 running at 1,440p with digital graphics preferences – and exploring how the ray wants Control at 85 to 90fps, which pleased Devindra.

However, because 3080 Ti sets 3090 to 3080 cases, freezing can be stressful. Devindra realized that the images were very loud and ran frequently and this could be a problem for anyone who plays in hot spots or tries headphones. Despite the fan noise and complexity experienced at the moment, they still consider the 3080 Ti to be a GPU power station that would impress runners.

Dyson V15 Check

Engadget / Mat Smith

Mat Smith’s time is Dyson V15 Get access helped her to find her bedding, on the carpet and on the underside of the stain as before. He did this mainly by using a “laser” light on the scalp, which is characterized by hair, dust and other debris. While he was impressed with his ability to collect what some cleaners didn’t have, the $ 699 price tag is impressive.

The laser head cleaner is made at 7.2mm, which is ideal for dusting rabbits. However, it did not work on carpets or rugs due to the 1.5-degree angle. In addition, the new piezo image detector detects dust growth and dust rotation by rotating tiny particles that hit the surface of the electric field inside the cleaner head. This means that the V15 can also display the amount of particles on the LCD display on the screen, givbetter the idea of ​​the amount of particles you have sucked. With a full battery, Matt was able to run it for 20 minutes in the Boost cleanup, but found the need to pull constantly to unlock the triggers.

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