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How Did Salt Bae Do? Infinite Contents


Then, a gold-coated steak can be used effectively as a dividing line between Us and Them. On September 26, when another sent a receipt showing that someone spent $ 2,400 in a restaurant, the internet went wild, while the tweet gained nearly 25,000 likes (receipt details have not been confirmed). Since then, many others (probably-false-but-nothing-seem to care) Nusr-Et receipts have been included. made heads; another said showing and $ 49,000.

The whole thing is a great way to click, almost as profitable as a $ 67 cappuccino.

However Salt Bae does not only provide the content of the press; His whole schtick wants to do what his client wants. For the past few weeks, if you have invited an animal to a restaurant in Salt Bae in London, it has come with an adult, who sprinkles a lot of salt in front of you and blocks small pieces of meat in your mouth. If a customer goes to an unsuitable Salt Bae restaurant cutting his meat, is it cut?

“He’s always ready to show off the camera,” says Makiez Arghandewal, a 24-year-old San Francisco volunteer who went to a restaurant in Salt Bae in Istanbul “at least a dozen times.” Arghandewal once stayed in the same hotel with Salt Bae and disrupted his gymnasium to make a video. “She was so happy,” she says. “He is very patient and understands the needs of the people on television.”

Arghandewal has a TikTok account, @kieezzy, where it gained 37,700 followers by posting 31 videos, seven of which have Salt Bae. He the most popular movies of all– a piece of Salt Bae (doing nothing but) cutting a gold steak – has 13.4 million views, while its non-Salt Bae videos make as little as 600. “Salt Bae certainly attracts a lot of people,” Arghandewal says. “He is the gold of social media.”

Arghandewal explains that Nusr-Et Istanbul had a “hip vibe” with staff who “understood that a large number of people were present to photograph the food.” On his second visit, the waiter noticed that he was in the bathroom when the first lesson was released, so he pulled out a second accessory and collected it and cut it in front of him to take a video.

All of this, then, was built with a focus on human nature – the next creation decorated restaurant online very much, of course the menu is only available via QR code. Salt Bae, who has 39.8 million followers on Instagram and has a world-renowned record on TV, understands the power of the internet (although it might be easy to call him a guru, because his latest schtick is posting his videos “Cappuccino”In a broader way). This is a person who takes pictures and shares every topic about him on his Instagram Stories, even those that criticize him. how he pays his employees. Salt Bae, it seems, knows that all advertising is well known.


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