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But with all due respect to anxious doctors, we have already crossed the Rubicon. A recent demonstration that psychedelics are not just medical is when Mark Haden of MAPS Canada appeared on Netflix. goop lab and shook his head sympathetically when (formerly) chief of staff Elise Loehnen spoke of the workers in Jamaica as being “creative” or “having a spiritual sense.” Doctors allow the process to go any further as long as they allow their COOs to act as their interlocutors and produce decay instead.

Even their benefits it depends on the assurance that you need professional-experts they lending — it seems that most of these merchants believe they were treated without detailed and expensive procedures.

In a post-interview interview, officials behind these hospitals and research companies talk about taking psychedelics in non-hospital settings and / or for reasons of personal growth — and they found benefits. Joe Green, an entrepreneur who helped raise $ 30 million on MAPS, he tells and The Wall Street Journal his experience with psychedelics helped him to “discover the wonders.” Dylan Beynon, founder of ketamine hospital Mindbloom, he sold the blog Five Sleeps that he became interested in psychedelic medicine after a friend told him to try MDMA. Similarly, an Investor recommended psilocybin to Lars Wilde, a businessman who founded Compass Pathways with George Goldsmith. (Most fundraisers at Compass include Peter Thiel and former Christian Angermayer trip had friends on the coast in the Caribbean.) Probably, none of these Investor-friends were moonlighting as MD.

So if these men enjoy the benefits of psychedelics in good health, why not follow a medical procedure? Why not go completely? First, the psychedelic underground market already exists, and spiritual seekers of painted paint may not be particularly careful if the FDA approves the drug, so it does not represent a source of unused profits. But more importantly, it is unlikely that all but a few countries will be able to legalize psychedelics for immediate use, so the use of drugs as a back door allows professional companies to take advantage of a growing market before anyone else ends.

By keeping the drug behind locks, they ensure that a particular type of customer will be in a safe place to enter – people with discounted or better insurance, due to the inclusion of ketamine in addition to medical supervision including “repair” hours and expensive medications. far more so than the street pills — when people who have historically failed to get proper medical treatment or who have been severely punished for drug use (who are poor) will be shut out. In this way, they can seduce clients who may be afraid of its risks, or who associate drug use with weakness and dependency, and their doubts will be reduced by medical inconsistencies.

Of course, various parties refer to the occasional “democracy” of their services, but it is part of their larger disputes. Over time, their monopolistic hunger becomes apparent. For example, David Bronner, assistant to Oregon bill making psilocybin to be medically acceptable, soon defendant Compass Pathways in an attempt to “gather opponents” for legal recognition so that Compass will have greater market control by being the only provider. (Compass CEO ‘told the Deputy that they “just want to discuss” the bill.)

And in both groups to give you a good idea of ​​the psychics and tell you how to achieve it, you can be hard to find someone worse than white dudes and money. Their obsession with globalization has caused many of us to live far away from each other (surprisingly, because they can call “incompatibility” as a sign of stress, making them mentally and emotionally similar to firefighters). The ubiquitous presence of social networking sites has shown us the dark side of self-creation, as well as how cavalierly platforms interact with user data. Finally, their prioritization of growth beyond leadership means that companies tend to act indefinitely before they are blocked, leaving behind exhausted, unemployed and unsatisfied users, which does not work well when working with vulnerable people. Much of the past medical care has been disrupted and malfunctioned, by companies such as Talkspace is accused of disorderly conduct and misconduct, and so on BetterHelp and the worst sin of promising too much — a wonderful expert, on the phone 24/7! – as well as not giving up with a bot that doesn’t always respond.

Psychedelics did not work our interest in the reasons for capitalist violence alone. Many people are suffering, and psychedelics he can completely changing people’s minds and creating meaningful personal growth, sometimes with only one use – I consider myself one of those who have had good experiences. It is important that we allow those who feel they can benefit from psychedelics to have the opportunity to try them out.

But instead of giving leadership to a group that has a history of damaging our mental and spiritual health, what if we listen to people who know more about insanity to heal people? If we want to honor the way psychedelics have lived for thousands of years in rural areas — which they try to do, to be fair, but often symptomatic — then we will turn to psychedelic professionals, doulas, and so on. administrators, many of whom have been working in secret for years out of fear of prosecution.

Appropriately, we can strive to curb government, regulate, and approve the use of psychedelics in sport at will of the people and to educate people on how to plan for a safe and enjoyable journey. Implementing this type of policy change can be for real The revolution we want.


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