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How Apple’s 14.5 update to Apple shakes the app’s economy

IPhones users around the world began receiving several strange messages on Monday after downloading Apple’s latest app: Do they want to get them?

Ten months later Apple promised “Additional secrets” for iPhones, the upgrade will come with iOS 14.5, though major protests by Apple’s enemies and complaints against infidelity in France and Germany.

The first time users open each app after these updates, they will be faced with a simple question: “Allow (app name) to see what’s going on in other companies’ apps and websites?”

There will be two answers: “Ask App Do Not Follow” or “Allow.” Developers will be given the opportunity to file a lawsuit to comply but in the event of a vague decision, most users should say no.

How to track notifications will appear in iOS14.5 © Apple

What exactly is followed by me?

To date, apps can collect, and share with other people such as data changers, all types of information about you, including your whereabouts, other applications you use, when you log in to the app, your hidden email address, phone number, and a unique number. is identified by your iPhone, called IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers).

According to Fun Corp, the developer, “hundreds of trillions of user actions and events” are being tracked daily. A reporter at the Washington Post found out 5,400 followers retrieved data from his phone one week. Many apps send information to multiple partners, including Facebook and Google.

As iPhone users navigate with apps, and flood the internet, they leave cracks at any time, including their IDFA format, allowing online ads to take over their personal history, which advertisers use to send them.

What happens if I refuse to be followed?

Apple needs all apps to get permission for what they do. If users log out for the first time, the app will not be banned from accessing their IDFA forever. And Apple hopes the apps won’t share other features, including phone numbers or emails.

Should I stop advertising?

No, you will receive the same merchandise but it cannot be customized according to your preferences. Advertising companies think that the wording of the original information does not adequately describe the value of the product.

Users will still get ads, but by reducing data output, it will not be as important and apps will be able to charge advertisers.

In short, the kind of advertising that many free software relied on is being hit hard.

How the programs will show what they are collecting

How apps will show more information of the type they are collecting © Apple

So how do businesses view them?

Digital marketing companies make up more than $ 350bn a year as well as most software developers he was angry.

Facebook, in particular, has created a $ 80bn annual business by making users and selling ads according to them. The company has published ads on entire pages in a number of newspapers, including the Financial Times, alleging that the changes are frustrating for small businesses that cannot afford to reach their customers easily.

He also said that Apple used the “independent market to determine what they collect and enable competitors to use the same”.

“They say it’s a secret, but it’s worth it,” he said. Facebook said. “We are not deceived.”

Other companies, including Snap, Twitter and TikTok will also be targeted, and many companies that rely on mobile advertising have been experimenting, all of them. in the US and in China.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg said that the change could benefit Facebook, however, as it would encourage companies to change their investments to advertise and pursue direct marketing. Facebook has been selling tools to make it possible to buy more online on its platforms.

Except great

One company does not ask users if they want to follow them. Google has decided to discontinue using IDFA together.

While it is unfortunate that Google loses access to other apps, it already has a lot to offer from its products.

When the owner of an iPhone uses Google Search, Maps, Chrome, Gmail or YouTube, Google can still use the same to create an ad, unaltered with changes to Apple’s terms of reference.

What’s in Apple?

Apple has been keeping the secret as the most important selling point of the iPhone, to break into the market.

But it should also benefit in other ways from the change, too.

Without being able to sell what they collect to other people, programs need to focus on getting their money back. And Apple accounts for 15% to 30% of all software purchases and subscriptions through retail outlets.

In the meantime, Apple is planning to do so its unfolding “Private” advertising business.

I have an Android phone. Does this affect me?

In the meantime, no. But Google’s technology needs to follow in some ways. Google is in the process of developing “secret-first” ads on the window. Similar changes to mobile apps seem possible.

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