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How a ‘robot lawyer’ can help you avoid being banned from social networking sites

A few weeks later Facebook re-launched “Meta,” the former owner of @metaverse Instagram suddenly found himself locked in an account he had held for years. A message told Thea-Mai Baumann that she had been suspended for viewing, although she had never pretended to be anyone else. His account was later restored The New York Times about the problem, but the company did not disclose how the error was made.

Although his experience was unusual, one aspect of Baumann’s story is very common: that people who are wrongly suspended from their social media accounts often have little or no means of retaliation (at least, not interested in the media).

Now the group may have an alternative. The “robot lawyer” company DoNotPay, which provides legal aid, has a new offer: access to social media accounts. .

The new service, which includes a DoNotPay subscription for $ 36 per month, provides users with an alternative way to send support company emails or unanswered calls. Instead, DoNotPay asks users for more information about their experiences, and sends a letter to the company’s legal department on their behalf.


“These platforms prioritize cases,” DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder told Engadget. “Once you hire a client, they don’t really care.” Legal departments, on the other hand, are ready to respond, he says.

In the appeal, the company also attempts to “equate” your appeal with a “legal reason which they do not prohibit,” using state and federal laws that may apply. The letter also has a deadline for the company to respond. He says so far PayPal and Instagram have been among the most sought after items. But the service will also work with other platforms, including Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, Tinder, YouTube, Twitch and others.

Crucially, Browder alleges that the activity was not designed for people who were banned from the platform for legitimate reasons, such as violating its rules. And even for those who have been suspended incorrectly, they estimate that you can repay the account for the following period by about 20 percent.

But even though the request is not successful, Browder says there are some benefits along the way. First, companies are required to transfer user data regardless of whether their account has been suspended. That’s why even if you can’t, let’s say, regain your Instagram account, DoNotPay can ensure that the company provides the details of your account. There is also the fact that sending a required legal letter can cause more headaches to the company than to a customer service complaint.

“Mostly in America, they have the right to ban,” Browder said. “We’re not saying much that we can do miracles, but we can punish them severely and get your information.”

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