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He is a WWE Star and Vtuber. Those countries are not very different

Brennan Williams stands The 6’7 “, weighs 300 pounds, and competes professionally as Dio Maddin, aka Mace, poses a serious threat on the skull. Also, more recently, is a 7’14” furry merman named Jibo, with a ball-shaped octopus on his head.

“The new king of the sea! Mother effing kraken! Takoyaki became famous! Great black meat! I have many names. I have a lot of names, “Williams-as-Jibo announced on his own first appearance on YouTube in February.

Williams is new Vtuber, joining a very kawaii practice in live entertainment from real anime. It’s the visual site of “YouTuber,” an anime image whose body and face move in unison with the human actor. On Twitch and YouTube, Vtubers subscribers become listeners, sometimes thousands, with sad karaoke or the latest video games. The top 10 Vtubers all made 36 million hours in the first few months of 2021, according to a StreamHatchet analytics survey.

The move between the court and the promotion comes naturally, says Williams. What is Vtubing if it is not digital kayfabe, a fighting phrase that describes the display of a visible space and stories as true even through the mat. Williams stated: “The same. With avatars such as their masks, Vtubers expands the digital media world — YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram — without letting anyone know their true identity.

It is an open secret among fans that anime-ridden tensions run between locals and high-profile fighters. “I’ve heard the word anti-anime rednecks,” Williams said. The Internet has a list of favorite anime characters: Kenny Omega, Sasha Banks, Xavier Woods. It searches. The way the martial artists build, their controversy with the heels, the stories that last for years, and even the simple fun among lovers and haters of the genre all make them feel good about any shonen anime. It’s like Dragon Ball Z and four-leg locks.

Williams’ story has changed dramatically in recent years, too. As a nasty pilot with a Jackson Jaguar inside Williams, Williams was not very visible. But he left his football career in good health, so he went to Houston to train for his goal of becoming a well-known radio wrestler.

He has the ability to act. Finish one recent game: Scottish Titan Drew McIntyre removes the mask of Mace, who is lying on his forehead. Mace stands up, pulls out her body and mouth rudely, and hits McIntyre in the face. McIntyre then hits Mace with a mask, and knocks him back to the ground. Persuasion makes McIntyre. In the show, taking a deep breath after lifting her chin, the victorious Mace grows strangely: “As far as I know, Drew McIntyre, you’ve done me a favor.”

It’s all about art, he says. In WWE, Williams develops a knack for elevating certain aspects of his personality that are not just superficial. Vtubing also releases the same, with no restrictions on being a 6’7 dad. “I can improve my physical appearance in real life,” she says. “But on YouTube, I’m a beautiful and attractive teenager, and that’s me. It’s all here,” she says.

Breaking in the same country is not the same as starting out as a fighter, but with other traditions. At the beginning of Vtuber’s “birthday” stream, they clash with the music as fans show off. Then, they gradually reveal their true form – first their appearance and then their personality. In his first video, Jibo’s octopus cup and wide, red eyes slowly emerge from the bottom of the window. He smiles, shakes his head, and listens to his favorite “sports games,” as well as music, all of which seem to be his favorite. Thousands of viewers, including the famous Vtuber Ironmouse. “Ahhh kawaii,” he wrote.

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