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Google’s Nest Thermostat is cheaper than ever


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Google has launched a new one Nest Thermostat the last fall to commemorate the tenth anniversary of global warming. The device comes with a very well-packed package with new features. Although the $ 130 thermostat was previously cheaper, Google reduced its price to $ 100 a day before Earth. However, Amazon offers a puck-like tool at a low price of $ 99.98 or $ 114.97 with a Trim Kit designed to cover any flaws in the design.

Buy Nest Thermostat at Amazon – $ 99.98 Buy Nest Thermostat and Trim Kit at Amazon – $ 114.97

Obviously, the biggest draw here is the ability to monitor and reduce your energy use. The main way that Thermostat works through a section called Savings Finder that learns about your home plan is a schedule to provide useful ideas, such as temperature changes or Eco configurations. There is also a Quick schedule method that gives you the option to choose a temperature history based on your preferences. For example, you can heat the weekends if you work from home and on the weekends if you want to go out. The same thing goes on at different times during the day or at bedtime, and you can go beyond what is planned at any time.

All of these preferences are available through the Google Home app, which also gives you the opportunity to connect to the device using the smart speakers of Assistant- and Alexa. This way you can adjust the Thermostat using your voice in bed or when you are outdoors. You can get a three-color Thermostat on Amazon, including charcoal, sand and snow.

Keep in mind that Google offers an additional option in the Nest Learning Thermostat, but this costs about $ 149 more compared to what is currently available. At that price, you get a luxury item plus a metal ring, a very long display that carries extra accessories plus time or season and the device comes in many colors.

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