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Google predicts how it will use carbon-free energy by 2030

Four years after Google changed entirely to renewable energy, the company is working to achieve its next sustainable goal. In I / O today, CEO Sundar Photayi commented on Google plans to run its office and office facilities completely in carbon-free groups by 2030.

The photographer called the project a “moonshot,” saying the company should provide air-free energy in all its locations, which would not be possible in rural areas. Five data centers here operate on or about 90% of non-carbon fuels, including those in Denmark. Google has built five solar panels to help operate the data center, adding more wind power to the Danish grid.

Last year, Google changed smart carbon tower, which shifts reading activities to other sources of information depending on where carbon-powered sources such as solar and wind are widely available. Many of these activities can be done during the day, e.g. With the latest changes to the platform, Google is set to change the amount of electricity used that uses carbon-free electricity. First, the system will direct multimedia experiments (Images and YouTube videos, for example) to areas with as many white optical grids as possible. A complete list of Google commitments in 2030 is available Pano.

The literature has also explored geothermal power and Dandelion, a company that originated in the X lab lab. In 2020, Google said it did reduction All of them emit air.

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