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Google is developing an integrated Android camera

There’s more to a good cell phone camera than just hitting some of the glasses in the pictures. There are also many apps that make sure your selfies look good. Today on Google I / O, Android VP Sameer Samat revealed that Google is also working to make its Android camera integrated, with the help of darker colors and different hair colors. The company is working closely with a team of experts and artists, who advise Google on how to improve its clean motion and visual appeal, as well as provide decorative technology.

“As the largest OS in the world, we have a responsibility to build everyone,” Samat said. “As part of our commitment to integration, we are working to make the technology more accessible and equitable.” The smart video program should do things like reduce lost light on the image, in order to create a natural purple color. (As a person with dark skin, such progress has been taking place for a long time.) Google is also developing ways to identify different types of hair carefully, which should be very helpful in taking selfies.

Samat says we can expect to see changes to these cameras on Pixel devices this fall, but Google is also committed to sharing everything that comes with the entire Android universe. Hopefully, some phone makers have taken a few notes from Google’s integrated video app. By doing so, Google wants to “create cameras that work well for everyone,” Samat said.

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