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Google Nest Hub Comment (2nd Gen): Sweet Dreams

The past Year, I have been very confident Google’s Nest Hub Max Max in the kitchen. This smart 10-inch display helped me remember the essentials of cooking, and I enjoyed the music as I waited for the water to boil. I enjoyed my time with it so that when Google unveiled its new 7-inch Nest Hub version, I was excited to see if bringing it to my room would also help me fall asleep.

Sleep Sleep is a relatively new feature in Google to show insight. As the name suggests, it can monitor your sleep — the need for a camera — and provide a sense of sleep. I like my pull heavy blanket for me I rest at night, but sleep does not come easily. I throw up and turn around, my chest closes my nose so I can’t breathe properly, and my mind remembers the hard memories years ago.

After a month and a second generation Nest Hub in my bed, I can’t say I’ve slept well, but but He enlightened me on a number of sleep habits I didn’t know about.

Sleep well

Image: Google

The new Nest Hub can do whatever it is designed to do. This includes playing movies and music, guiding you through recipes, riding a bike on your photos, improve smart home appliances, and answer all your Google Search queries. There’s nothing new in this department, other than a few updates about Google Assistant often comes out in one year.

Visually, you will not notice the difference. It comes in several new colors, like “mold,” a pale blue, and Google claims to make 54% of recycled plastic. If you’ve tried Google’s other smart shows, you know why you’re here.

The first Nest Hub, originally named Google Home Hub, did not have a camera, but also a new one; I like that. I don’t use my Nest Hub Max videos, although it can be useful if you already use the Duo, Google’s fixed video app for Android phones. But considering the Nest Hub this was designed for the bedroom, one of the most secluded places in the house, I’m glad the camera didn’t make the look.

There are three remote microphones instead of two, and I have never had a problem choosing my own rules. The speaker is a little more uplifting, and for something that stays in the night, it’s great! But it won’t be my first choice to be a DJing party.

The 7-inch screen itself is no different, and unfortunately, the functionality has not changed at all either on the original model. It only takes two or two minutes for it to happen once I knock on the window. This is a problem with the big Nest Hub Max. They are all just a few. He is still as real as ever. It should be sufficient for most of the bedside tables where there is room for other things like your phone and a water cup.


Image: Google

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