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Google Might Scrap “Hey Google” for Other Voice Support Services


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If you have always wanted your Google Assistant to move without saying, “Hey Google,” all the time, you could be in your dream soon.

On Friday, Android Police saw a new one called “Guacamole” after you changed the Google app on Android. The update brought the new Guacamole version to the Google Assistant update list for users, reports said, although it still doesn’t work. However, based on the visual effects posted by the Android Police, Guacamole is definitely a shortcut method that would allow users to jump by saying “hey Google ”for help with emergency services.

To do this, users need to click and read, possibly, the custom list. We say “probably” because the link included is still not working, so we could not confirm this. (We still tried, however).

What will these urgent activities have to do with? 9to5Google claims that these emergency functions include alarms, timers, and phones. For example, the retailer said the feature will help you to say “stop” or “snooze” to stop the alarm. It also said users could say, “answer the phone,” or “refuse to call.”

Now, I don’t use Google Assistant, but I do use Amazon Echo Dot which always plays the best BTS series in the morning to wake me up. I’m a monster in the morning, and when I whisper, “Alexa, stoooooop,” I always feel like the thing is paying attention to me. I don’t think I would have worried if I had said, “Stop.” This is me though, and this is very important.

9to5Google claims that Google was only testing the appearance of Guacamole and its employees at the time, which is why it first appeared on the phones of other users. As with any other development, there is no guarantee that this will happen. We have to wait and see.


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