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Google assists Android developers on big images

As usual, Google followed its big I / O voice with a focus that focused on new tools that could be offered to developers in the coming months. The program of all programming terms are on YouTube, but here are a few things that attracted us.

Google has announced a new tool needed to help realize the company’s vision Its new You create language. Jetpack Write is a UI tool that should be easy for the developer to create apps for use on various Android devices, not just phones. Make the first announcement on I / O two years ago, and Google has been making you public ever since. A regular release has now been launched in July this year. Since Google has always had trouble creating an Android developer on a larger screen, this could be a useful tool – especially given the amount of Chromebooks out there running Android apps.

Google described security in its most important terms, and the app’s storefront revealed new information about a new security tool called App Check. It will soon be released in beta as part of Firebase download program and it helps to identify the amount of traffic from your program. In particular, it can ensure that what comes to your aid comes from a legitimate program and prevents it from unreliable sources. This is not something a user can directly identify, but it does mean that everything a developer needs to keep users in order for their app to do what it needs to be unavailable or compromised.

Google re-entered it development for Flutter production, spoke of the upcoming changes to the Wear OS in detail, and hit on a number of other changes in how users make apps and platforms. If you need more, the default search terms are included below and you should include most I / O sessions that take place over the next few days.

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