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Google and Qualcomm make neural network API updates easy on Android

Last year Qualcomm began publishing small Android phone chips that support flexible GPU drivers to perfect performance, so now it is doing the same on AI on devices and learning on machines. Droid-Heart states that on Google I / O, Google and Qualcomm have announced changes to the neural network API, representing a new version that could be released along with Android 12.


While NN API drivers have been updated along with major OS updates, now companies are said to be able to get out quickly via Google Play Services. While fine, updates will be available on older chipsets and several Android versions.

In the I / O display about the advancement of learning machines, Google developers said the NN API could promoting work as if the phone has two additional CPU cores, where it uses less power and produces less heat. Qualcomm cited Google Assistant and Google Maps as examples of software that uses electronic devices on AI and could benefit from tweaks. In the video, they also show how to do it the use of machinery on equipment tools such as handwriting or editing itself.

Because makanga, the benefit is a single API with frequent updates that can handle multiple versions, and if other chipset manufacturers join the app, access will also increase. For users, we can find small programs that run smoothly and do not waste battery to do things like voice or face recognition, and do not upload your data to the server, which affects your privacy.

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