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Google Adds New Media Hub to (Some) Android Tablets


If you have Google updates flowing dongle, you he can keep watching a video or program on the table when you click a little on the TV – it helps you if you are leaving the living room to go to bed – although this may not work with all the promotional programs. Entertainment Space relies on the most up-to-date though, including YouTube shortcuts and Twitch streams.

Of course, Google also offers what you think you might enjoy based on your viewing history, interests, and more. You can install any of the recommended apps or games here without having to jump into the Google Play Store first. And if several family members share a tablet, you can switch between profiles in Entertainment Space so that each user can enjoy the experience.

“The Fun Area should be a place to find where you can find all the things you’ve already seen, read, or play, and revisit or discover new ones,” says Bender. “It’s not just a grocery store. If you open any card, it takes you to the app. What we want to do is help people get what they want.”

Pill Recovery

Google has conducted 23 studies for more than 17,500 Android tablet users worldwide, and has identified one of the biggest challenges for users and accessing a number of apps. Entertainment Space, which took two years to grow, aims to reduce the amount of pressure needed to reach the cinema. This story is coming at a good time. Google says that in 2020 as a whole, it saw more than 30% turn up Using an Android tablet beyond 2019.

“Thanks to Covid, use of the pill has grown significantly, “says Bender.” We’ve seen the increase in monthly users increase, and the last quarter was much better than ever in tablet sales and sales. It is fair to say that this has a lot to do with the amount of long hours at work from home and accommodation, as well as from environmental changes like Google Kids Space. ”

Apple is still the leader in the tablet market, but in the first quarter of 2021, Samsung tablet sales saw a 60% increase over the same period last year, and Lenovo grew by 134%, according to a Canalys technical research study.

“The pill market is growing exponentially; has little space here, “says Brian Lynch, a researcher at Canalys.” It’s well matched to all the systems on the market. In general, the Android and iPad systems have been performing well and growing at the same prices, and all vendors have performed well on Android. ”

Lynch says he expects this growth to continue for several years before the fall. He also confirms Bender’s view that growth began in 2020 when the world was devastated by the Covid-19 epidemic. Education was a great driver as students needed access to a window in a home school.

“Suppose you are a parent with three children at home,” she says. “They have a class, they can’t go outside, so getting a tablet helps a lot in high-yield jobs. You should also look at some of the chip’s shortcomings from last year; the tablets managed to weather the storm a little bit faster than pens, so there’s probably a crossover then. ”

Android tablet experience has not seen a major change over the years as Apple dominated the market with frequent changes and unchanged new weapons. Fun Games can give Android tablet access a great shot in the hand. However, it does not solve the problem of how a few Android apps are configured on a large screen. Bender says this is starting to change.


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