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Being in favor of Trump’s Facebook ban will not solve the problem


“It would not have been appropriate for Facebook to impose an unwavering and immovable penalty for permanent suspension,” the election is counted. Facebook should review this issue, the agency wrote, and “find and direct responses in accordance with the rules applicable to users of its platform.” The commission set a deadline six months from now, during which time we will no doubt have some news of Trump’s presence on television.

For years, Trump was at the center of trends that were so important and meaningless; The prime minister was using his Twitter account to escalate the violence, to arouse public interest, to repeat the unspoken word, to promote extremist ideologies, and to speak directly to his followers, who were ultimately interested in him. destroy Capitol trying to deal with decisions they believe have been stolen.

For years, companies such as Facebook and Twitter have been unable to interfere in Trump’s media, claiming that their “importance” should protect him even if he violates platforms on the platform on harassment or harassment. This began to change during a natural epidemic, when Trump used his platform to spread lies about voting and the virus. In the summer, Twitter began using “real-time” coverage of Trump’s violations, which angered the President until he threatened to repeal Section 230, a law that protects many online companies from being held accountable for their actions.

But even though Trump has been away from major media platforms for a long time, the situation has been settled. Trump will continue to air the word, and it will be shared by his supporters, and announced by the media whether he is on TV or not. And his interest in using the network around him for a long time will continue without him, as well as the groups that make Trump’s presence a television opportunity.

It’s “the worst case scenario on Facebook, who put this together.”

Joan Donovan, Harvard Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy

The permanent ban on Trump from Facebook makes him stand out from these networks. But focusing too much on the platform’s concepts is misleading, says Whitney Phillips, an assistant professor at the University of Syracuse who studies literacy and journalism. The success of Trump’s development comes from platforms but little from the “economic, political, and economic” that motivated Trump and will continue to advance the coming Trump.

“Trump’s news is boring because he is looking away from the deep things we experienced yesterday,” Phillips said. The idea of ​​supervisors was chosen to be a major referendum on how Facebook supports free speech and security; instead, it was a random choice that changed slightly because of what we ended up with in the beginning.

The establishment of the board itself “was primarily a means of communication with PR,” says Joan Donovan, director at Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy. The agency’s representation means that Facebook has been given the task of deciding how to implement its policies, which are “very difficult for Facebook, who linked this,” he says. He had one job. ”

“When it comes to Facebook, you have to remember that Facebook is not just a social networking site,” says Donovan. “It gives you the opportunity to own your own television,” along with a network of pages and accounts that can amplify what is available to millions. Facebook is a tool for setting up and distributing a single network, and its power on the network is being used positively or negatively.


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