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Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of sexual misconduct

Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty by a New York court of criminal trafficking in connection with her long-term relationship with convicted felon Jeffrey Epstein.

The verdict came Wednesday after a three-week trial in which Maxwell, 60, was described by prosecutors as a “modern beast” that works “in the hands” with Epstein to devour vulnerable women. Her defense showed her as an innocent woman who was unjustly made to be her goat. He was found guilty on five of the six charges against him.

The case was seen by prosecutors as the best opportunity to read about the Epstein saga and win justice after money. died by suicide in New York Prison in August 2019, one month after his arrest.

“The road to justice has come a long way,” Damian Williams, a U.S. attorney for southern New York, said in a statement after the verdict was announced. “But, today, justice has been done.”

Maxwell’s case often provides compelling evidence of four women who claimed that Epstein had sexually assaulted them since they were about 14 years old.

Critics have claimed that Maxwell is sometimes abusive. The British socialite was a key figure in the process, they said, because it helped to recruit girls and trust them while giving respect to outsiders. He was paid more than $ 30m by Epstein.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. He also said that Maxwell was one of the most vocal critics of the day and did not know how to control his actions.

“Ghislaine Maxwell is not Jeffrey Epstein,” Laura Menninger, her lawyer, told the jury last week. “He’s being tried for having Jeffrey Epstein. That might have been the biggest mistake of his life but it wasn’t the case.”

Menninger also accused critics of insulting his client “Cruella de Vil and The Devil Wears Prada they are all wrapped up in one. “

Epstein, who dropped out of college, made a lot of money an amazing business of economics and went so far as to challenge two presidents – Donald Trump and Bill Clinton – while boasting of business, academic and political excellence.

The case provided a great deal of insight into the matter a happy life of Epstein and Maxwell, which included a group of private planes and locations in Palm Beach and Manhattan, a farm in New Mexico and a secret Caribbean island. At one point, prosecutors brought one of Epstein’s massage parlors to court.

But it did not help at all to shed light on his relationship with some of the most powerful men who have tarnished their relationship with Epstein, including Leslie Wexner, founder of The Limited and Victoria’s Secret; Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft; Leon Black, Investor Private equity; or Jes Staley, who was forced to resign as Barclays boss in November after revealing that he had broken up his relationship with Epstein.

Maxwell, the daughter of Oxford-trained British journalist and deceiver Robert Maxwell, joined Epstein in Manhattan in the early 1990’s, and soon became a dangerous group: his connections and beauty helped to grow his business.

But behind the scenes, Florida police began investigating reports that a wealthy Palm Beach man was having sex with young girls from nearby schools. Epstein was given a secret agreement in 2008 which allowed her to face minor prostitution charges and spend 13 months in jail while working outside her office.

The case was reopened by Manhattan after a report by investigator in the Miami Herald by journalist Julie K Brown. Epstein was arrested at Teterboro airport in New Jersey in July 2019 after landing his private plane. Maxwell was arrested A year later a house in a rural New Hampshire suburb called Tucked Away.

At one point in the case, a well-known witness named “Carolyn” recounted how she grew up in a broken home – with her mother drunk and father absent – and how the older girl was taken to Epstein’s Palm Beach home at the age of 14. with a promise of income.

This was the beginning of what would have been a multimillion-dollar-long-sex-crazed affair over the next two years, with Carolyn and her boyfriend using the money to buy medicine. He called the Englishman who helped fix the days “Maxwell”, testified, because he could not pronounce his first name. Her boyfriend called her “baby” at the time.

“My life has been turned upside down,” Carolyn once said as she testified.

Another witness, known as “Jane”, described the time Epstein was taken to the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach. meeting with Trump.

Maxwell spent most of his time turning papers on his desk and having discussions with his lawyers. He was often assisted by his brothers Kevin, Ian and Isabel as they sat in front of the court.

Maxwell refused to testify, saying to the judge: “Sir, the government has not given the evidence so I have no reason to testify.” It was the only time he spoke in court.

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