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Founders Sierra Ken and Roberta Williams are making new games

It’s been 20 years since we didn’t have anything new from Ken and Roberta Williams, the video producers behind the Sierra On-Line. Now, they are ready to come back with a new game that they have been working on with 3D artist Marcus Maximus Mera. The game is just called The secret in the meantime, though, it is the first topic that could change along the way. This is web page and much of what is going on in secret, but it has no details about the game.

What we do know right now is that I play “Sierra-flavored” game players on the same games as well-known company names, such as The King’s Search and Larry Fit Fun Larry. It will be another fun game based on this – it’s made by a modern audience, however, and Mera’s 3D graphics are what will help.

On the game’s website, Ken said Roberta’s participation has been limited at the moment, but he will be more involved as he nears his release. Roberta wrote an exciting game known as the Sierra, in addition The King’s Search and its consequences together with Phantasmagoria, and has been frequent characters such as “The Queen of Funny Pictures.”

The secret has been growing in the past six months, with manufacturers expecting a beta trial start in August. Their goal is to release the game in November, but they have admitted that perhaps the timing is not right, especially since they only have pictures. He promises to release more, demos and previews, but fans have to wait a little over five months before playing.

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