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Fortnite Adds Spider-Man and Dwayne Johnson in Chapter Three

Spider-Man and other Fortnite characters at the top of the new game island in the Third-Century promotional image.

Picture: Epic Games

It’s a shame that Nintendo used the phrase “everyone is here!” for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, because it can be very appropriate Fortnite. After the end of Chapter Two yesterday, online games IP homunculus re-launched today with Chapter Three which brings the world’s largest star: Spider-Man.

Monga Marvel heroes In Chapter 2, wallcrawler is now a playable character if you purchase a battle license, and Daily Bugle is one of the places you can explore in the new game island. (It doesn’t sound like J. Jonah Jameson’s podcast will be available to comment on all your activities, sadly.) With Spidey being part of the game, Chapter Three introduces a flexible machine to help you navigate faster, for the game. which does not allow Spider-Man to shake or even disassemble.

Spider-Man is not the only IP added to the game. The armed man of The Foundation, who first appeared in Chapter Six of the Sixth, was named and taken to Dwayne Johnson. Johnson will eventually be the winner of the battle, along with Marcus Fenix ​​and Kait Diaz from Magia of War. Johnson’s participation was revealed yesterday at the “End” Chapter Two ceremony, and it’s amazing to see him as smooth as hell and instead. Fortnite, time. With a CG cutscene cut that shows its visibility in the game, it looks like we are getting closer and closer to reality Fortnite film is a thing. You can watch it in the video below.

Like the last few Fortnite events, and a sight to behold all this play as part of the narrative. Even if someone has only briefly touched on the game, there are some realistic ideas here as both players watch the Cube Queen and the Pyramid are destroyed and the island is shaken, round. With a new island to explore, there have been many IPs and surprises waiting Fortnite is hungry for the next year or two.

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