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Forest Rehabilitation Is Important! But We Are Finishing The Seed


Swift is said to have a collection site that has not produced much produce in nine years. “I have no doubt that” is the result of climate change, he says. Overall, the crop is much smaller and smaller than it was a decade ago. “If this continues, I don’t know if the nursery will be able to plant crops in another 10 or 20 or 50 years,” he said.

Orchards – trees managed for the purpose of harvesting crops – are a way to protect themselves from lower yields. But he did not survive climate change, either. A wildfire last year destroyed a sugar plantation in Klamath National Forest and another in the Oregon Bureau of Land Management land. That was devastating, because orchards take longer to settle, because the trees need more time to mature.

After collection, the seeds are sent to a nursery, where they grow seedlings for planting. The authors consulted with more than 120 nursery directors on what would hinder their activities to meet the needs of the trees. These problems range from segregation to employment.

“We no longer have a hot tub,” Brian Morris, program manager at Webster Forest Nursery in Washington, told WIRED. “We need to work with foreign farmers to meet our needs. As a result, over the past few years, we have been active. “

Finding enough jobs has been a struggle for the nursery. According to Morris, his nursery lists interns as well as seasonal alliances from farms, and the costs go up each year. In addition, the study found that immigration problems such as visa restrictions often prevent migrant workers from coming to the US. As a result, nursery and forest rehabilitation supervisors often do not know how many workers are available and whether their larger team can return. “Every year when we make promises, and hire them, it’s a very difficult time,” Morris said. “We don’t know what we’ll get each year.”

Last summer, attorney Bruce Westerman, a Republican from Arkansas, wrote Hill that without the exemption of the H-2B visa, by 2020 “1.6 million acres of forest could be planted and about 1.12 billion seedlings could die.”

The nursery, too, suffers from retirement problems. Many long-time farmers are leaving the business while a few young people come after them. There are only three forest programs in the entire US, and the proliferation of these cities has made rural nursery activities less important. Instead, a program manager at Webster retired earlier this year; Morris completes the project for a while.

Fargione states that if the nursery supervisor wants to expand the project and recruit more staff, he or she will need confirmation from the government or other buyers to make the investment profitable. “They will need to add more space to grow, and this will require a long-term guarantee to support them,” Fargione says. “Then things like long-term contracts or low-cost loans or loans are pardoned to encourage them to build the facility.”

Morris wants more. Before expanding the business, they want to know what recycling prices can be developed. Is the tree thriving in the ground or in a greenhouse? And what kind of greenhouse? “There are a lot of questions,” he says. “Trees are not just trees. There are many factors involved in choosing the right crop to grow. “

Once the seedlings overgrowth, sloping terrain and fire hazards contribute to the resurgence of deforestation. For example, according to the National Forest Foundation, one 8,000 tree-planting project in California cost $ 300,000 at a planned site.


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