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Ford is adding a handsome Alexa to the new OTA-changing cars

As of 2017, Ford cars are come with the availability of Alexa, but the use of a voice-enabled agent on Amazon in your car has included compliance with certain requirements. To get started, you need a car that is compatible with the company Connect 3 infotainment system. In addition, you need to install the Ford’s AppLink app on your phone. They weren’t expensive partners in any way, but the latter actually means that the way you use Alexa in your car isn’t as disruptive as the Echo speaker. But that is about to change.

From this fall, Ford will begin implementing the best Alexa upgrade ever Connect 4– armored vehicles in the US and Canada. Once Ford releases the updates through the Power-Up app, you no longer need the company’s AppLink app to access Alexa in your car. Ford says the new Alexa model in its cars is “controversial and hands-free.” Without pressing a button, you can ask Alexa to point you to the nearest gas station, play music or give you street information. As in the past, with FordPass technology, you can also ask a voice assistant to do things like start and stop your car, as well as lock and unlock doors.


The company’s initial release includes nearly 700,000 vehicles in North America, with more cars in Europe and other parts of the world following suit. Bronco, edge, F-150, Mustang Mach-E and Super Duty brands get their first chance at Alexa. So what did you find, you asked. And you get the chance to get this opportunity as part of a three-year trial that begins with the launch of the Power-Up OTA program or a guarantee for your new 2022. Vehicle after three years, “fines may apply.” You will also need a FordPass Connect, which is an accessory that you may not have purchased with your car.

Announcing today is the start of a six-year partnership between Amazon and Ford that will see the two companies develop innovations and Alexa skills. For the next few years, Ford plans to roll out the new Alexa version to millions of its vehicles.

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