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Dolls Become My Boss?


request for help:

I am perplexed by the fact that law enforcement agencies are increasingly using robots to protect, monitor, and harass them. Maybe I just saw it RoboCop more often than not, but I care about the machines that make important decisions, related to life or death — especially because of the way employees themselves misuse their responsibilities. Do I have a problem listening to a police robot?


Dear Doubt—

Hollywood has never been more optimistic about responsible robots. RoboCop is just one example of the mental anguish that comes with abandoning complex tasks to robots — robots whose high standards are honored by real words that can kill, that can explode to the point of death, but are confused by steps. The message of this video is clear: Mature machines do not have the solutions and the best ideas that are needed during a crisis.

It may have been the idea that led Boston Dynamics, some of whose robots are included in the police department, to release a video last December of his film dances in the 1950 Contours called “Do You Love Me.” Maybe you’ve seen it? The robots included Atlas, an android-like android-powered, and Spot, which encouraged assassins in the “Metalhead” section of Black Glass. No machine seems to have been programmed to withstand the onslaught of robots, so what better way to entertain people than to demonstrate their potential? And what better test could it be than a skill that is considered to be so special that we have made experiments to the detriment of automaton performance (Dolls)? Watching the changing machines, the shimmy, and the rotation, it is hard to avoid seeing them as powerful, integrated, flexible and sensitive creatures as we see ourselves.

Don’t worry that Spot connections can cut your finger or that police robots have already been used for harassment. One way to answer your question, Suspicion, without attracting the attention of the public, may be related to negative consequences. If you have an idea, as many of us do, in order to survive, then yes, you must fully obey the police robot.

But I find that your question is not helpful. And I agree that it is important to consider the business involved in providing police services on the machine. The Boston Dynamics film, fortunately, was released in late 2020 as “a way to celebrate the beginning of what we believe will be a happy year.” One week later, terrorists stormed the Capitol, and photos of police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Zithunzi mod zithunzi zithunzi Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi zithunzi ch

Currently in many departments the police are facing an administrative problem due to genocide, the most encouraging fact about robotic police is that machines do not have the power to discriminate. In a robot, a person is a person, regardless of skin color, gender, or reason. As the White House reported in a 2016 report on algorithms and human rights, new technologies have the potential “to help police make decisions based on risk factors and changes, rather than based on human weaknesses and prejudices.”

Obviously, if current police expertise is any evidence, things are not so simple. The predictions of the future, used to identify high-risk populations and surrounding communities, are biased, which robotic Ayanna Howards called “the original sin of AI.” Because the system is based on history (previous criminal cases, preliminary arrests), they end up selecting the same areas where they have been abused and promoting racism. Machine prediction can be self-fulfilling, closing some quadrants to extremes. (Officers who arrive at the scene described as prepared for the crime are tried to find one.) These tools, in other words, do not disrupt discrimination as they usually do, and create inconsistencies that exist unknowingly and professionally. As professor of digital sciences Kevin Macnish, the ideas of algorithm makers are “preserved in these systems, and built into them.”


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