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Excitement and anxiety The New York City evening reopens | Coronavirus News Plague

Brooklyn, New York, US – Bahar Bybordi remembers hearing “code blue” every 10 or 15 minutes; were the first days of the coronavirus at The Brooklyn Hospital Center – and the intercom message means someone is dying or in need of rehabilitation.

The frequent cries of the deceased’s family members are heard so loud that Bybordi, during a break, closes the door to his office and plays music to quell the tears.

“I have friends, who go to doctors, who start biting,” said a doctor at Al Jazeera. “There were seven or eight hospital staff members who died last year: patient transport, clerks and a cook.”

Earlier last year, New York City had one of the worst COVID-19 shares in the world. Many were worried that the city would be overwhelmed by the streets, the sirens sounding against the tall empty houses and the bodies in the freezers – including the exterior of Brooklyn Hospital.

But government officials hope the fast-track reopening will boost the economy in the United States and turn the page into a nightmare, even if the rest of the world is still shocked.

With a strong vaccine and federal funding, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has returned after being accused of sexually abusing him and accusing his group of deliberately hiding notices of a house death.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said May 19 would make a fresh start [File: Seth Wenig/AP Photo]

Cuomo announced earlier this month – just days after New York City rival Bill de Blasio set a July 1 opening for most businesses – that May 19 would be the start of a “big” resumption.

More office restrictions, retail, grocery stores, gymnasiums and museums are available he raised Wednesday as part of the alliance between New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Gary Newton, a resident of Fort Greene in Brooklyn whose house is opposite the hospital, said he was “delighted to have the city reopened”.

“It’s been very frustrating because I’m a hip-hop DJ and a promoter and it was all closed for a while,” he told Al Jazeera. “I have friends who have left, family that has left.” Newton recently received the first Moderna vaccine even though he was skeptical, before planning a trip to Mexico where he “would have been safer instead of feeling sorry for thousands of people”.

He described the scale of the epidemic in New York as “extremely painful”. However, Newton states, “I have a goal to return to enjoy my life. There are many diseases around, but it is difficult to stop living.

“I can’t live another year without working so hard,” he added, pointing out that the ambassador is doing well soon to return to normal.

New York has reaffirmed its immediate reopening, saying it would continue to use contraceptives, according to guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) two meters away.

At a press conference, Cuomo outlined opening strategies last week in comparison to the estimated 3% chance of being nationwide. dose about 1% – the invisible level since mid-2020.

“These advances are important, and in order to continue to thrive, the people of New York must continue to be vigilant,” Cuomo said in launching the new guidelines.

“If we allow it for now, we can go back, and no one wants to,” he added. “We will be safe and for anyone who has not yet been vaccinated, please do this as soon as you can.”

‘Sufficient security’

Research has continued to show that many in the US, including New York, are still reluctant to go on vacation, to board flights and to attend conventions, however.

So far, government vaccination efforts, although very successful, have diminished since April – a resurgence that has been felt both locally and in the federation. More than half of government officials have been fully vaccinated, Cuomo announced on Saturday.

The vaccine is still below the 70 to 80% required to complete the “meat class”. De Blasio has already gone so far as to say, however, that “adequate security” is the city’s new goal, and the chief health commissioner says “regional security” is far more likely. This means taking COVID-19 as a temporary disease that can be treated, rather than failed, over time.

But by creating different segments of the vaccinated and non-vaccinated population in baseball stadiums, for example, Cuomo hopes to strengthen the jabs. Free game tickets are also offered to level recipients, while new local promotions include a free one-week free pass and French Thanksgiving cookies at the Fast Shack restaurant. The state mask law is also being reduced from Wednesday, according to government advice.

New vaccination campaigns in New York, though highly successful, have been limited since they began in April [File: Caitlin Ochs/Reuters]

“There is no question of whether the opening is fair or not,” said infectious disease specialist and health expert Ashwin Vasan, who emphasized efforts to continue the “final” vaccination.

But many are facing problems after the government killed more than 50,000 coronavirus-related people and lost a million jobs, or 10% of the workforce, last year.

“We have a large number of people, including key staff, who are reluctant to get vaccinated or who do not have easy access to vaccines due to barriers, lack of internet, respiratory failure, language barriers and evidence – qualifications,” he told Al Jazeera.

“For the past 15 months, we have been facing dangers that none of us have ever experienced,” he said. “The epidemic has affected everyone in many ways, and we need to have principles that allow everyone to re-enter the area as they wish.”

Vaccine passport

For weeks, locals can use the Excelsior Pass mobile app – a vaccine passport – to participate in sports, culture and entertainment. The Broadway show is set to open on September 14, depending on what the owners might think if they order the vaccine.

From Wednesday, house parties will be allowed to accommodate up to 250 people, with 50 limits for indoor home entertainment and no outdoor living limits. Large indoor and outdoor areas should keep the boundaries at 30 percent and 33 percent, respectively.

The governor also said that he wants the state’s beaches and ponds to be 100% open by July 4th.

In New York City, a 24-hour train ride resumed Monday after a year of closure at night to clean the train. The time to get to the restaurant is just over, while the restaurant time to be raised by the end of May.

Many houses of worship are opening their doors to pray in private, and even the iconic Plaza Hotel is set to open Thursday after a year of closure.

Regina Byrnes, 54, said she was glad she had not been affected by COVID-19 so far. “New York has landed where it is,” he told Al Jazeera as he waited on a bench to board the outskirts of a public hospital in Brooklyn.

“A lot of people have been vaccinated, and it looks like we’re going backwards.” Although he did not defend himself, Byrnes wants to cut his hair as soon as possible for the first time in months and said, “Walking is fine.”

“It’s springtime but I hope the violence will stop,” he added. “Public safety is more important now than coronavirus. Everywhere in our city, there is a lot of shooting, which could be [byproduct of] the plague. ”

‘Pay Attention’

While hopes are mounting, many New Yorkers are concerned about the rising tide of crime, office buildings, outlets, and people leaving the green pastures.

But 23-year-old vegetable secretary Ziyad Alkhulaidi said it was the amount of COVID-19 virus in the area. swimming under 10 cases out of 100,000 people last week, trade “is strong, and returns slowly but steadily”.

“It’s time [reopen], although not everything is the same, ”Alkhulaidi, who lives with his family and is said to have received a vaccine for the safety of others, told Al Jazeera from Greene Bites, which treats many patients in the hospital.

“I hope people are still interested in coronavirus and be careful,” he added.

Local vaccine booster incorporates French certified buttermilk into the popular Shake Shack [File: Caitlin Ochs/Reuters]

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