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Epic evidence suggests that Apple’s App Store profit is 78 percent


Epic Games is in use a lawsuit against Apple accuse the iPhone maker of being particularly greedy. As About reports, witness expert Eric Barns testified that Apple appears to have an App Store limit of 77.8% in 2019, rising from 74.9% in 2018. Financial Planning and Analysis as evidence.

Apple disagreed surprisingly. Technical companies said About the temporary calculation of the “wrong” is that it planned to settle the charges against him. A witness for the company, Richard Schmalensee, said Barnes was looking at one iOS thing that disrupts a segment that seems to be working. The actual number was “unsurprising,” he said, adding that you can’t learn the benefits of the App Store regardless of the equipment and functionality.

The company does not take into account profits and losses based on sales and services, Schmalensee said.

There is no guarantee that the court will accept Barnes’ decision. Apple’s overall profitability has been very high due to many industries, but not too high – it was 42.5% during the industry the fifth quarter recently. Apple has also been promoting the App Store as a way to manage its business rather than just making money on its own.

Evidence still does a lot to explain how Epic ends follow his case against Apple when the court battle begins on May 3. Program Four men The creator not only wants to portray Apple as anti-competitive, but misuse its launch of the iOS app in order to make a big profit.

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