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Downing Street’s strong opposition to the Cummings on the idea of ​​a plague


Boris Johnson’s party is preparing a lawsuit filed by Dominic Cummings that the Prime Minister could have saved thousands during the Covid-19 winter.

The Cummings is preparing a document criticizing their former boss for the slow response to the outbreak, he said Sunday.

Aides is worried because Cummings, one of the biggest executives at No. 10, had access to confidential talk, emails and demonstrations. In November, when the government was forced to suspend second term, Johnson and chancellor Rishi Sunak were both determined to reject this unless it was inevitable.

Cummings “was forcing the Prime Minister to close early in the spring and has a lot of evidence to show that their delayed election has caused problems,” a colleague told Sunday Times.

He will have a public place to present his case against Johnson next month when he will appear before a joint health and science selection committee on the epidemic.

A Cummings colleague predicted firefighters, telling the Financial Times: “They don’t try to score goals. He always shoots a target. . . and this is very important to him. ”

Although Britain has one of the world’s most successful vaccination programs, the death toll from this epidemic is staggering. The official death toll from Covid-19 during the epidemic has exceeded 127,000.

Cummings he dropped the bomb at Johnson on Friday evening when he was accused of having come down “under the standard of integrity and integrity that the country deserves”.

Among other things, the former assistant said that Johnson wanted the Tory suppliers to pay secretly to renovate his house at Number 11 Downing Street.

The government announced on Friday that the prime minister had paid $ 60,000 in restitution after he had withdrawn his personal payment.

Liz Truss, global trade secretary, told the BBC Andrew Marr Show On Sunday, the money was “paid by the Prime Minister”. But when asked if the donor had borrowed the money from Johnson he said he had “not part of the decorating business”.

The Labor Party wants to force the prime minister to come to Parliament this week to ask questions about what has been said about restructuring funds. Rachel Reeves, Cabinet Secretary, wrote a letter to Johnson asking for more information on his spending.

Cummings also said that Henry Newman, a close friend of Johnson’s Carrie Symonds, was the one who released last year during the second term. He wrote that Simon Case, the secretary-general, had told him that “all the evidence goes to Henry Newman”, adding that Johnson had asked if it was possible to stop the question to avoid a disagreement with his friend.

However FT unveiled Friday for MI5, brought by the Court to investigate, believes the cook was Cummings.

The case is being re-assigned to another judge, and he is expected to appear in court on Monday in connection with the investigation into the allegations against him.

Labor, which is close to 10 points behind the Conservative party in voting, is trying to meet the storm of illicit medical treatment ahead of elections on May 6.

On Friday Lord Eddie Lister, Johnson’s senior adviser, resigned after it was discovered that he remained on a two-member production team working on Downing Street.

Sir Keir Starmer, the chief of staff, has called for a full investigation into the government’s “sleaze”.


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