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DoorDash worksheets show plans to be implemented in Germany

The DoorDash food delivery program is set to launch in Germany, where it will be the first U.S. market leader to market a crowded program in Europe.

The company did not share 15 job notes Monday wants to fill management, ideas and jobs in Berlin. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The move will follow Uber, which in April told the Financial Times to bring its food Uber Restaurants in Germany in “a few weeks”, starting in Berlin.

Earlier this month, Delivery Hero, who sold his German business at Just Eat Takeaway in 2018, said it would happen re-entry into the country under the name Foodpanda. The Finnish Wolt has also entered the market.

The new players are threatening to tarnish the history of Just Eat Takeaway, which the German market has been on its own for the past two years.

“Competition makes us strong,” said Jitse Groen, director of Just Eat Takeaway, in tweet last week based on the return story of the Hero Sent.

DoorDash has declined to comment on the company’s performance or development plans in Germany. “We continue to explore greater opportunities as we seek to develop our countries,” it said.

DoorDash is expected to continue in Europe, including the UK. FT has done which has already been said the company is looking at what it wants to get in Europe, where the job offered to the German general manager is asking someone who can “create a game book” to “quickly” enter other markets.

It is unclear what type of DoorDash service they would like to use in Germany, while strict strict rules mean that those who will use it in the US will not be allowed.

One of the announced positions, on the topic of law and public relations, asks a person who knows “politics and democracy in Germany and at the EU level”.

Last month, Uber told FT that food shippers to Berlin would be used by shipping companies, such as minicab groups, which have a contract with Uber and are paid. Then it is up to the shipowners to decide how they can keep and pay the crew.

DoorDash is the largest U.S. food retailer, with about 55% of the global market share, according to what Edison Trends traded last week in April. Uber Eats is 31 percent, while Grubhub, soon to be his written by Just Eat Takeaway, pending the approval of shareholders, holds 13%.

DoorDash continues to offer other types of products. Last week, he said about 7% of all his orders were for simple things like toilets, flowers or alcohol. In addition to picking up at existing stores, such as 7-Eleven, it also has a network of over 25 “Dashmarts”, storage areas where the trees can carry items to deliver quickly.

If it wants to emulate the brand in the German market, it will compete with the likes of Gorilla and Flink, two of the fastest-growing programs in Berlin. Getir of Istanbul, a similar program, plans to launch in Berlin soon.

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