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California DMV has Tesla ‘enlightened’ in Musk’s FSD lawsuit

According to LA Times, The California department of Motor Vehicles appears to be actively investigating Tesla over allegations that CEO Elon Musk claims to be a Full-Driving Company expert. The story comes in handy a week later Tesla experts secretly agreed to the DMV that Musk exaggerated the potential for FSD systems on television.

FSD is a $ 10,000 version of Tesla models and promises to do everything from transitioning routes and self-exit to standing on radios and billboards. However, this does not make them independent. Tesla’s vehicles are currently operating at Level 2 autonomy, director of Autopilot software CJ Moore told DMV investigators phone call for March 9th.

“The number of drivers’ interactions needs to be as high as 1 or 2 million miles in the driver’s connection to move on the extension itself,” the reminder said. found with Plainsite found at the meeting being read. “Tesla indicated that Elon was adding to the exchange rates by talking about the potential of the L5. Tesla could not say whether the amount of change could reach L5 by the end of the calendar year.”

This, which Tesla himself admits on its page “does not make the car run on its own” (even in small measurements), did not stop several strong heads in dealing with vehicles like these those robochauffeurs – and years yes fatal consequences.

While California law prohibits any accidents or damage caused by doing so, especially for wheelchair users, DMV has the power to punish any car company that misleads its customers. Lanham Law, Bryant Walker Smith, assistant professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law said Time.

These penalties could include suspending (or even canceling) Tesla’s autonomous licenses just as it does with a manufacturing and selling company. For drivers, such a removal could mean that their vehicles “could be removed from a public road by a police officer,” a DMV spokesman told Time, when the police realize that FSD has been opened.

This is the latest in Tesla’s long history of operations. The company is currently facing hundreds of lawsuits, including an NHTSA investigation, and the FTC is looking into cases that are being prosecuted for fraudulent advertising. Although The CCP has been running smoothly on Tesla for weeks on recent accidents.

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