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Distance Learning and Five Day Protection


Even if we know by nature that a real school is not the same as a real school, in a culture where the symbols are distorted for the original, far-reaching learning is acceptable. Perhaps Korzybski’s proverb needs to be changed to say, “Computer does not tell the class.”

In 2014 the New York government approved $ 2 billion to fund technical development in schools. In February this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo approved $ 60 million for professional spending in 72 state schools, while $ 16.7 million, the second largest line, was given “school connectivity.” In my small district, in upstate New York City, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on other programs and programs for distance learning, and one of the winter days this year, which upset my children, was announced as a day of learning. It is difficult not to look at some of these options through a period of fraud.

The fifth day is different from the pay; The result is a fairly accurate analysis of the process, and for a child this only brings some type of carpe food. When I was in elementary school in the 1980’s, there was no robocall to monitor or operate a robocall machine in our small town of New Jersey to inform families if it was Friday, or to mention it on TV. Instead, the mother (usually only the mother) had a chard – my mother received a phone call from another woman, and then made a phone call to the next lady. It was a hand-to-hand demonstration, yet the message was simple and clear in the mud on the way. If the ground was covered white in the morning and the phone rang, I knew it meant only one thing: glorious freedom.

I grabbed my red plastic bag and either got into our yard, which was a little slope from the hill country to the open valley of the main courtyard, or I went to my school, a 10-minute celebration from my home. There, at the back of the house, was a large hill leading to the field, with sledling for hours. Twelve children usually gather there; though, strangely enough, I often live alone, quietly in my own country, sometimes for hours, the only noise that my shoes collide in the snow and he recited of the mountain running slopes. Eventually I return home and go into the basement, where, due to the short-lived skin of the house, I am able to enter the darkened darkness, even the naked electric light bulbs suspended. The top, hot chocolate from the pack, containing a small amount of water that re-emerges in warm water, was stored.

The innovations of those days, breaking the habit, having fun outdoors and connecting with nature instead of being in a classroom, make a noise all these years later. With a little change, my kids, now 10 and 12, have shown this habit every winter… until their fifth day they ended earlier this school year. (Their schools were mixed at the time, so half of the students did not miss a day of their own. Although not all of them missed that day.)

Even for a few students who need or love to study far away, the importance of a wonderful winter vacation is something to be embraced. The belief that depriving children of the opportunity to retire several times a year will “catch the kids” in their studies, while preventing them from playing unstable and often independent sports, illustrates why many American students are overworked.

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