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Disruption of the Flight: Multiple Changes Should Mean More Training


Shortly afterwards a Smartlynx Estonia Airbus 320 took off on February 28, 2018, all four pilot computers stopped working. Each one did exactly as it was designed, taking it offline after (incorrectly) discovered the error. The problem, which was to be discovered later, was to operate a fuel-efficient machine that was in very good condition. A drawing designed to reduce the problem caused a problem. The skill of the pilots on board was what saved the damage.

Now, the Boeing 737 MAX is back in the air worldwide after 21 months, with aviation training and design on its feet. Ensuring the future of aircraft in the end requires a new way to build a state-of-the-art machine system, but aircraft with the same technology have been missing for 10 to 15 years. In the meantime we need to train pilots on how to respond effectively to the most unavoidable challenges.

In researching the MAX, Air France 447, and other airlines, we have spoken to hundreds of pilots, and experts in the management, manufacturing, and universities of aviation pilots. He acknowledged that the best way to prevent accidents is to train pilots to do the same.

Delay in the flight response time and redesign of the design and the ongoing problem. In 2016, seven years after Air France 447 landed in the South Atlantic, airlines around the world began training pilots in a new way to manage high-value stocks. Simulator training in which Boeing confirmed that controllers were not required for 737 MAX crews only started after MAX secondly accident, in 2019.

These methods only apply to these two scenarios. Hundreds of other unforeseen mechanical problems may be out there that would not be expected using the old dangerous diagnostic methods but in the past also included things like a computer-based thrust reverse device where “assuming the aircraft did not do so. to make the best aircraft.As Captain Chesley Sullenberger pointed out, in itself would not be the means to create new experiences that are not expected in training.

Surprisingly, Mr. Sullenberger predicted in our recent response, “it requires more training and expertise, in order to do this, in order to fly the most successful aircraft.” Pilots must have an idea of ​​how the aircraft is operating and how it operates, as well as how the aircraft operates.

Unlike a well-known myth, a driving error is no due to many accidents. This belief is a reflection of past bias and a false belief in other issues. It is true to say that pilots sometimes experience situations that hinder them. Too many extras can mean very dangerous events. This could be one of the reasons why the number of fatal plane crashes in the million million in 2020 has increased more than in 2019.

The training of pilots today is recorded and based on well-known events. Unfortunately, in many recent accidents pilots had zero system or simulator training on problems they did not encounter. Why can’t the manufacturers anticipate the catastrophe that brought down the Smartlynk plane? One problem is that they use older models that were created before computers. This approach to anticipating potential risks in flight is limited. Currently, the only available form of consideration for new developments like this is System Theoretic Process Analysis, developed by Nancy Leveson at MIT.

Modern jet aircraft made using traditional methods bring about events that anticipate the proper integration of events. Unlike well-known aircraft that are built using electronic and mechanical equipment, modern jets use a number of complex “choice” options.

In modern airplanes the control system responds differently to air, if it is low, it flies, if the whips are high, and if the access equipment is high. Each method can have different rules for the program and can bring unexpected results if the program does not receive more.

A pilot who understands these nuances, for example, may consider making a change by eliminating corruption. In the case of MAX damage, the pilots were found to be in a state of disarray, for example, the machine performed well, not as expected. The program was badly fed.


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