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Didi prohibits employees from selling shares permanently

Didi Chuxing has banned current and former employees from selling shares in the company permanently, which has created a new problem for employees of a group of Chinese airlines who have been heavily enrolled after enrolling in New York.

December 27 is expected to mark the end of a 180-day period when current and former employees were not allowed to sell shares, but the ban was extended without a fixed deadline, according to people familiar with the matter.

The change is a recent refund for employees in the group, who have lost 60 percent of its value, or about $ 38bn in raising the stock market, starting with the $ 4.4bn offered for the first time in New York in June. Chinese officials launched an investigation into Didi’s security a few days after the company made a public announcement the group announced this month it will take off in the US and follow the series to Hong Kong.

The company is failing to sign new users and the Chinese cyber space manager has ordered software vendors to remove 25 of its software, including those that register new drivers.

Many government figures show the rate of Didi’s rise in China has dropped since its programs were removed from online stores, while commodity prices in November dropped by 11% compared to October.

Workers here and Didi’s ex would not be able to sell shares until the company started selling well in Hong Kong, one person familiar with this said.

Didi employees say the company has been blessed and is waiting for the authorities to announce the results of their investigation.

“Of course there have been a lot of people frustrated by this,” said Li Chengdong, Haitun’s ecommerce tank-tank chief.

“If you have been working for three or four years and now there is no date set for the Hong Kong IPO.

However, one former operating team member said he was not worried about the delay. “I wasn’t planning on selling at these prices,” he said. “It will come another day.”

Didi did not respond to a request for comment.

Didi jumped into the ring and started their plans on Monday. This includes SoftBank’s Vision Fund, Didi’s main shareholder, who paid $ 11.8bn at 20.1 percent in 2019. The price is now worth $ 5.4bn with Didi’s growing problems alemera The lowest price of shares of Japanese tech Group.

SoftBank did not respond to a request for comment.

Uber, a US airline and a major partner in Didi after merging its Chinese operations into the group in 2016, indicated that it would gradually sell its value.

Other Didi advertisers include Chinese technical groups Tencent and Alibaba, Apple and many financial companies.

China’s LatePost newspaper also reported the first extension of Didi’s staff closure period.

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