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Diana’s interview raises new BBC trust issues

Diana, Queen of Wales, got the BBC involved in the crisis Panorama interviews were exposed, lies and false documents were later exposed, and a UK publisher was dragged, 25 years later, again to the detriment of the ideological and secretive culture.

Written on Guy Fawkes’ Day in 1995 and secretly modified at the Eastbourne Hotel, top journalist Martin Bashir was, from the very beginning, known to be a master of state institutions whose existence depends on the royal charter, with the permission of state and issuer.

The election was so difficult that Lord John Birt, then a senior, kept his seat Marmaduke Hussey, a monarchist monch, in the dark until Diana described his “full” marriage on tape. Birt met with a call for his resignation before the 23m viewers could see him. “I was concerned that hundreds of years earlier my head would have been hit by the crime,” he wrote in a statement.

BBC CEO Sir John Birt and former chairman Marmaduke Hussey © Ken Towner / Evening Standard / Shutterstock

His rhetorical rhetoric – the need for a move and what the audience wanted from what Birt saw as the age of democracy – influenced what the BBC’s results today: the threat of losing audience support.

“Modern corporations at the end have to work as much as people want – and we did,” Birt told the Queen’s secret secretary at the time. “And they have no choice but to make it public. There are no permanent secrets for the BBC.”

Forty-eight years later, it happened. An asking the government he was finally revealed Bashir’s deceptive net in defense of the subsequent communication and concealment, leaving the BBC facing opposition from Diana’s sons and servants. Oliver Dowden, a cultural writer, once spoke of a “major failure” that would require a rethinking of governance.

Dame Melanie Dawes, Ofcom’s chief media officer, said Dyson’s report raised “important questions about the BBC’s public coverage and response”. He added that directors would discuss with the BBC “some of the issues that may be needed to achieve this”.

Bashir resigned from the BBC last week due to illness and on Friday Tim Suter, a former BBC News chief who participated in a domestic investigation, resigned from the board of Ofcom.

The story has left the BBC in awe of the people – who have seen the successor to the throne The case of Prince William about rebelling against his parents and causing his mother to experience “fear, dread and isolation”.

‘Panorama’ questions by Diana, Princess of Wales were one of the greatest books in BBC history © Johnny Eggitt / AFP / Getty

It leaves a dangerous side to the BBC’s enemies in Westminster and “Fleet Street”.

“In other words, 25 years ago and the BBC and other places – which are controlled by foreign agencies, have less money – so the idea that the BBC is the same place 25 years ago is not correct,” said Jean Seaton, BBC historian. “But it certainly cites other parts of the government – if they fail to see the need for the BBC in the future – a case that has strengthened the British people.”

The shortcomings revealed since 1995, as well as the “nonsense” research that followed, are alarming – and have called for an apology to all concerned. The misconduct is not limited to Britain’s leading mobile phone industry, as well as the high level of responsibility leading to those still serving upstream from the BBC.

But there is no doubt about the BBC’s in-depth questions, which until last year were led by Lord Tony Hall, who led one of Bashir’s most vocal protests in 1996. Although he knew how to use false documents, he was found to be “honest and respectable” and, later, as director-general, he blessed Bashir’s return to the BBC at a high level.

“In many organizations they would have called the police and immediately dismissed Bashir for fraud,” said Mark Stephens, a well-known lawyer at Howard Kennedy. “Instead the BBC made him their religious journalist.” A former BBC director of the time commented: “The excitement of the world is so great that it’s almost like a blind eye.”

The departure of Hall last year means he is fighting a battle to fulfill his role as chairman of the National Gallery, not the head of the BBC. A government insider said his next meeting with those in charge of their homes – Prince Charles – could be “difficult”.

Instead of leadership, the threat Tim Davie and the BBC, which aired last June, is politically and economically active.

Tim Davie, director-general of the BBC, has changed ties with the Boris Johnson government © Simon Dawson / Bloomberg

Since being elected as Hall Hall’s successor, Davie has changed his relationship with Boris Johnson’s No. 10, in some ways by fulfilling his ambitions: flag pride and impartiality in the media. Bashir’s shyness could rekindle the controversy over bigotry, bigotry, bigotry, bigotry and bigotry.

Dowden is satisfied that the BBC’s design – with the reorganization team under the auspices of Ofcom’s media – has reduced the risk of another Bashir incident. But he is ready to receive suggestions for a change in the BBC’s mid-term review.

Lord Michael Grade, a former BBC chair, has called for the formation of a new journalism committee, saying “attractions” would not be cut short this time around. Prime Minister Johnson, said on Friday it was “for the BBC” to ensure that what happened to Bashir did not happen again.

There are also financial problems. Lawyers expect the BBC to face significant fines from the victims, including members of the royal family who were fired for slandering Diana.

Davie is also locked in negotiations with the government at the level of stupid, and make the case in the BBC’s major budget over the next five years. Given the request of more taxpayers, Bashir’s timidity could not be so bad.

“Obviously this is the staff that the BBC’s opponents will use,” said Pat Younge, a former BBC executive who sits in the chair. The British Publishing Problem, a group that is urging the government to reconsider its employment coverage. “And the BBC is the world leader in striking times like this.”

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