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Cyber ​​attacks shut down major US machines

U.S. U.S. pipelines were shut down after a cyber security attack Friday, in a ceremony that confirmed damage to essential U.S. equipment.

The colonial pipeline, the largest pipeline in the U.S., was taken offline after its operator said Friday it had been “caught by cyber security”.

“In response, we took other offline systems to detect these threats, which have temporarily suspended all pipeline operations, and affected some of the IT’s,” the Colonial Pipeline company said. It added that it had partnered with a third-party defense company to investigate the matter, and had liaised with law enforcement agencies and government agencies.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Energy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The demonstration comes as growing concerns about computer security on American essential equipment following the SolarWinds attack last year, as Russian attackers had the opportunity to sell to the US and financial institutions, among other government agencies.

Colonial pipes did not say how long the suspension would take, nor did they describe the details of the attack.

Colonial pipelines carry more than 100m oil daily, feeding markets such as Atlanta, Washington and New York and refined oil off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, according to the company.

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