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Cuisinart Carbonware Carbon-Steel Frying Pan Review: Lowest Price to Download Cookies


We were on a Zoom call, and I looked at his face as he was looking at the pictures, apparently trying to understand it.

“Who,” he said, standing on the T-fal. “Why is it so cold?”

The images show the speed and uniformity of the irons and the carbon-iron pans, but in the T-fal, all the heat looked in the middle and faded sharply along the edges, as if one was flashing a flashlight in the middle from close range. I tried everything on the same burner, and three minutes later, the iron was over 600 Fahrenheit, but the T-fal was in the 300s and only 400s. I stopped the big pot of Cuisinart a minute and a half later, as it was close to 600 degrees. The molten metal and the carbon steel were transparent in one batch, they performed amazingly well, and T-fal was an exporters.

Left to right: molten metal, T-fal, and Cuisinart five minutes after setting the stove.

Photo: Joe Ray

However, my wife, Elisabeth, used Cuisinart’s little recipe to make a fried egg sandwich in the evening, and she had some problems.

“She’s stuck,” he said. I washed the pan and cooked another egg, deliberately using the butter a little at a time. Coercion of the case did not work out at all. Some non-cooking processors can cook egg after egg without cooking oil at all; but even though they are in Cuisinart’s owners’ book, this is not one of them.

If I damaged the pans to try to heat it, I ordered new ones.

What I understand is that as long as I have enough oil or butter in the pan – enough to pour on the bottom – I feel better. The pot can do as I please.

There were other problems I encountered with the Cuisinart pans, especially the fact that one of the large pots came and went a little too far – when the center is slightly higher than the sides – meaning that when the oil is hot, it fills around the edges instead of sticking to the floor. properly. This is the problem epidemic pan-dom, especially at low to medium prices. Finally, after placing the beef, which Cuisinart did very well, it made a few spots that did not go away.

Slick Grace

After a few weeks with Cuisinart’s unstable steel pipes, I noticed little. More importantly, they are changing more than my T-fals, but they are not perfect. However, it’s my new favorite and cheapest option for cooking seamlessly on a campfire. They are not the best, but the best I have ever found. Recently, our friends in Wirecutter found an unofficial pot break he advises; I haven’t tried, but it might be worth researching again. It’s at the same price as Cuisinarts.

Can I make a suggestion here? If you use fixed pads, have a bejeezus in them. We can have a lightweight pot that can easily save us if we take care of them, but we have prepared ourselves to be comfortable with the idea that we throw our unsteady knives in the trash every few years – or soon – when the soil runs out.

Do not cook beef in them. Do not push their boundaries. Use eggs and maybe fresh fish, too. If they are not in use, hang them when they are not tying other pans, or pack them with all the ingredients protected by a towel.

If you have a wood-burning stove and want to go the extra mile, I would recommend these pens, though they may be better. The search for the perfect one is still there, but until then, these do a very good job.


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