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Crispy craze craze causes shortage of chickens in US | Business and Financial Issues

From crispy chicken sandwiches to bags and wings, United States ’growing interest in fried chicken is causing a shortage of chicken.

The popularity of chicken – from sandwiches and tables to rocks and wings – makes the demand for fried chicken so significant that America is on the decline.

KFC says it is struggling to make ends meet with its new sandwich, while North Carolina-based Bojangles who handles chicken and biscuits have also reported a lack of sales in its 750 locations.

“We are facing a lack of overall planning. But he’ll be back soon, ”Bojangles’ Twitter account wrote earlier this week in response to a customer who was frustrated with his company’s inability to access company profiles.

Chicken, which is the most popular meat in the US, is finding new demands after Popeyes launched the sandwich in 2019 which went on sale and sold a few weeks ago. Sound here has also used other chains, with McDonald’s Corp. and KFC, of ​​Yum! Brands Inc., reported this week that their new-fried chicken sandwiches are selling more than expected.

“Demand for a new sandwich has been so strong that, in addition to the combination of feed for domestic chickens, our biggest problem has been the need for it,” Yum Chief Executive Officer David Gibbs said at a press conference Wednesday.

KFC sold similar stores an increase of 14% a quarter recently in the US, due in part to its new sandwich that sells twice as much as previous sandwiches.

McDonald’s, which also said the quarterly sales were low, did not mention any difficulties in Thursday’s cash delivery but said the sale so far of the new chicken sandwich is “excessive.”

The poultry industry has struggled to provide fast food. The biggest challenge for Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., the second largest poultry farm in the US, is employment, according to Chief Executive Officer Fabio Sandri. The company expects to pay $ 40 million this year to pay and retain employees, Sandri said Thursday.

The chairman of Wingstop Inc., Charles Morrison, whose business is a poultry business, also raised the issue this week.

“Traders are suffering as is the case with our factories, hiring people to raise chickens, thus putting unexpected problems on the number of birds that can be raised and destroying all parts of poultry in the US, not just the wings,” he said.

Some food companies can take advantage of this opportunity: In order to get the most out of it, Beyond Meat Inc. plans to start selling poultry farming this summer, Bloomberg News reported earlier this week.

-I assisted by Michael Hirtzer.

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