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Brazil looks for vaccination as India’s crisis slows fertility | Latin America News

The global stock of COVID vaccines is tight. Brazil is looking for more as India’s problems reduce its imports.

Brazil is struggling to find a vaccine to address the biggest problem in Covid-19 worldwide due to a recurring eruption and a decline in donor cuts in the delivery of aid.

Foreign Minister Carlos Franca told lawmakers on Wednesday that he wanted a vaccine from a wide range of people, including 30 million Chinese Sinopharm, plus 8 million AstraZeneca made in India and any leftovers in the US. The problem, he said, is that the epidemic in India and the global crisis have left Brazil preoccupied with drug shortages.

“The shortage of vaccines and other drugs is not a problem in Brazil alone – the virus is destroying the whole world,” Franca said at a meeting of the Committee on External Indoors. “Who would have expected that India would face such a pandemic?”

Health care provider vaccines Sinovac Biotech CoronaVac Covid-19 vaccine for a Sao Paulo man [Bloomberg]

In the meantime, President Joe Biden has said he will prioritize Indian counterparts in distributing the remaining vaccines in the US. The U.S. market for AstraZeneca has risen to $ 20 million earlier this month and has grown since then, making calls to deliver to countries in need. Brazil’s failure to get vaccinated helped Ernesto Araujo step down as foreign minister last month.

President Jair Bolsonaro’s pressure is mounting as lawmakers investigate his government’s response to an epidemic that has killed at least 400,000 Brazilians. The country has stockpiled an estimated 45 million firearms so far, enough to cover 14.6% of people with a first-degree and 6.9% second-degree deaths. Although the vaccine has already started this month, it is unclear whether it will be consistent with the delay in the provision of ready-made inputs and inputs.

It’s over

In recent days, several cities have exploded with the launch of CoronaVac, the world’s largest vaccine. This has left thousands of Brazilians without the stimulus, which should be released within the first month.

The prospect of rapid vaccine expansion faded this week when health inspector Anvisa refused to import Russia’s Sputnik V, citing “a lack of reliable and reliable information” on shot protection, its durability and strength. The commission rejected a request for a Covaxin gun, manufactured by India’s Bharat Biotech.

Finance Minister Paul Guedes is no longer helping. In an interview with health experts on Tuesday, he said China had “developed the virus” and that its vaccine was less effective than those produced by US companies. Without a direct response, Beijing’s ambassador to Brasilia on Twitter reminded everyone that China is Brazil’s largest vaccine supplier.

The Guedes later retweeted their comments, saying what they said was unfortunate and insisted it was absurd. Omar Aziz, the cinematographer who is leading the parliamentary inquiry into the Bolsonaro response to the epidemic, has not changed.

“Guedes thinks he’s a scientist when it comes to Chinese vaccines,” Aziz told GloboNews in an interview. “We should thank China for having the vaccine.”

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