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‘Covid Dick’ is, Sad, Real

The picture of the sad story, 'Covid Dick' is real

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It seems that we can exacerbate sexual dysfunction in a long list of serious and unpredictable coronaviruses. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be uncommon, and there are other treatments that people with the condition may try.

This week, Slate-run sex planning podcast How to Do It discussed the tragic story of an unnamed author who suffers from a disease called “covid dick.” The author, who was identified as a man in his 30s, said he was very ill and had been hospitalized since Covid-19 last July. Upon his release, he began to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Although the symptoms began to improve after consulting with a doctor, it is said that the man still had a vivid memory of his condition. Describing himself as being the size of a penis in front of covid-19, he said his penis dropped to about 1.5 inches and that he “became smaller than the average.”

Participants in the podcast, according to their profile, also consulted urologist experts who found that there was strong evidence linking covid-19 to erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction. Last November survey, for example, he found that men with covid-19 were three times more likely to develop ED than those who did not take covid-19. Some studies have suggested that the risk is imminent six times high, others to compare Small, meaning that the increased risk is 20%. A a small percentage among people with long-term covid, including women, it was also reported that sexual dysfunction was one of the symptoms. And in some cases, ED can develop, especially if it is caused by damage to the body and the scars that cause the penis to stop erect.

There are several theories about how covid-19 can cause ED. The disease can reach the muscles of the penis and directly damage The surrounding arteries. It may also be due to the indirect effects of the disease on the immune system, which can lead to destructive inflammation. (Exaggeration immunity and damage to blood vessels are also common very skeptical behind the “covid fingers.”) And hospitalization in extreme cases can damage the body, including the penis. The risk of ED from vascular damage is probably high in healthy individuals who may be affected by the spread, such as type 2 diabetes. Many ED cases can also be followed up to depression and stress, and covid survivors are unfortunately at high risk of relapse.

That said, age is a major risk factor for ED, with about 70% of men. experiences some of them are their 70s. And while we do not seem to have any definite knowledge on the actual spread of covid-related ED, it does not seem to affect many men. A November study, for example, found that less than 5% of men in the sample were diagnosed with ED after covid-19.

As the Slate team points out, there are drugs that are more readily available for ED, such as the drug sildenafil (Viagra). And even a broken penis can be helped or protected through what one urologist calls “penile rehab,” which can include exercise and / or penis spray equipment. That is why not all hope is lost if you are worried about the covid dick. And for history, there is there is no evidence at this point in the interaction between ED and receiving covid-19 vaccine.

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