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315,000-Gallon Diesel Loss of Thousands of Animals in Louisiana

Cleaning work in a pipeline.

Cleaning work in a pipeline.
Picture: Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (AP)

Seventy pipe lost 315,000 gallons (1.2 million liters) of diesel in Louisiana’s worst-affected area last month, killing thousands of animals, the AP said Thursday. The loss occurred a year after a safety check was found that the pipeline had become too rusty, but the pipeline owners decided to delay repairs and continue working.

Records from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), first reported by the AP, show that the Meraux Pipeline explosion was discovered in late December at the Chalmette Refinery in St. Petersburg. Bernard Parish, outside of New Orleans. (Breach has not been reported yet). Authorities say much of the diesel fuel was lost in ponds near the pipelines, but others have receded into the ground. Habitats that are affected by the environment.

No human deaths were caused, but “thousands” of animals, including 32 birds, 39 snakes, and more than 2,000 fish, died., according to a report by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife. Most of the diesel has been cleaned, officials say, but the company has pipelines it still works. Thousands of animals, including more than 70 crocodiles, as well as a host of birds, snakes, and turtles, were affected by the loss and sent for “restoration.”

Meraux Pipeline, which transports diesel fuel over 125 miles (200 km) from New Orleans to the Mississippi Museum, is over 40 years old and in operation and Collins Pipeline Co. PHMSA records show a security inspections from October 2020 found that part of the 22-foot (7 m) pipeline was rusty — the very source of this year’s water supply. The inspection found that 75% of the metal was damaged, which usually requires immediate repairs. However, Collins decided to keep the pipelines in operation and delay repairs after re-evaluating the damage and allowing it to continue.

Last October, a representative from the owners of Collins Pipeline, PBF Energy, sent an email to PHMSA stating that the company has repaired part of the pipeline but is still awaiting approval to continue repairing the rusty section in St. Louis Parish. Bernard. . Poor plumbing isn’t just happening, though. In 2011, federal authorities filed a lawsuit against Collins Pipeline, arguing that the company did not conduct external testing of weapons on a regular basis.

“It’s amazing to know that Collins Pipeline’s initial analysis found that the pipe was so bad that it needed to be repaired immediately,” said Bill Caram, chief executive officer of the project. Pipeline Safety Trust, told AP.

The owner of the pipeline, PBF Energy, is unknown name like other oil and gas companies. But since formed in 2008, PBF is received refinements from Big Oil players; his what he now has includes the things he already had Valero, Sunoco, Bullet, and Exxon. In 2016, two PBF refinements were was cited in a report from Amazon Watch as are some of the U.S. oil-producing machines that manufacture Amazon-based oil especially destructive rainforest — along with Shell refinery, Exxon, Chevron, and Phillips 66.

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