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Counting: How Ford designed the electric F-150

Nilay Patel, About

This was a great Ford week. Even if they have already set up Mustang Mach-E, The largest EV in the company was his F-150 Lightning – electric take on the most popular car on the road. About found the story of how the American car giant developed a new type of car to sign with and how the company plans for the future of electronics.

Ann Babe, Worldwide

Caregivers can often feel lonely and lonely, especially when their families live in different countries where they were born. Facebook often brings divisions these days, but in this group, social networking sites have put them together and offer the opportunity to “stay together, understand and save lives.”

Marcin Group, Change

Honestly, I’m impressed. But for anyone who loves the US race Office, this can direct any retrieval you have planned – or you want to do after reading this great list.

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