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Coronavirus recently: Biden has signed anti-epidemic lawsuit in Asia America


More than half of US adults still worry about this back to work. A Harris survey of 2,055 Americans over 18 found that 54% saw barriers that could prevent them from returning to work, with 57 percent of the group citing fear of catching coronavirus on their travels or work.

New Yorkers who receive the vaccine next week will go on strike again be a millionaire Andrew Cuomo, the ambassador, announcing the plans for the “Vax & Scratch” vaccine. Vaccine recipients from May 24 to May 28 will receive state Mega Multiplier Lottery offers, with a grand prize of $ 5m.

The French government is preparing supports its vaccination an anti-Covid-19 program for unlocking inoculation for all adults in the country from May 31, two weeks earlier than planned. “We want the highest quality vaccine,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex. “We [must] all be vigilant. ”

Mario Draghi says early signs of rising prices in Europe it should be for a while when his government announced 40bn of additional funding to support the Italian economy recovering. “Economic laws continue to grow stronger,” he said, adding: “Stricter laws cannot be considered.”

Pedestrians pass by Ralph Lauren’s mall in Beverly Hills, California © Reuters

Ralph Lauren said people are longing for a so-called “inclusive” economy because they say they have done better than they expected to sell annually. New York-based fashion company says earnings in the fourth quarter rose 1% to $ 1.29bn, ahead of experts’ expectations of $ 1.21bn, as a coronavirus epidemic disrupted his busess.

Kingfisher extended its initial lead after a B & Q owner in the UK benefited from the closure interest in home remodeling in its home market and in France. The group expects the same growth in sales in the first half of the financial year to be “among the very young”, from “two low numbers”.

Young people lost opportunities throughout the year, unmoved by restrictions closing its bars and hotels, but hopes to return to the groups before the epidemic next month. Young lost an advance tax of $ 44.1m a year until March 29, up from a profit of £ 37.7m last year. Taxes dropped 70% to $ 90.6m.

Cheap cheap jet set up a carefully start the summer weather within uncertainly restricting travel. A UK airline on Thursday said it expects to fly 15% of its time between April and June, and is planning a mass boost by the end of the season.


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