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CNA Financial claims to have paid $ 40 million to address the redemption issue


The US insurance company probably paid for one of the most expensive redemption to date. According to Bloomberg, CNA Financial set aside $ 40 million at the end of March to resume network monitoring following a two-week closure. To get a better look at the payments, the CEO of Colonelial Pipeline said Wall Street Journal this week his company paid $ 4.4 million to fraudsters. It was the invasion of redemption that led to it oil shortage in the US.

“The CNA has said nothing about the ransom,” a company spokesman told Bloomberg. “The CNA followed all the rules, guidelines and guidelines that were published, including OFAC’s 2020 guidelines for this issue.”

The company was acquired by Phoenix Locker, an offshoot of Hadeshlengware created by Russia’s notorious Evil Corp. Some security analysts believe Evil Corp is also behind WastedLocker, a malicious program linked last year Garmin redemption. In 2019, the US Treasure department agreed the group because of his works. It is unknown whether Phoenix, the group that founded the CNA, is affiliated with Evil Corp.

The onslaught of liberation has intensified and disrupted in recent years. In April and March, the Evil Eagles team demanded $ 50 million from Apple retailer Quanta and Acer. Although Cyberpunk 2077 CD producer Projekt Red had to deal with shutting down, which led to that delayed that the second major patch of the game is coming out.

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