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Cloud glitch brings thousands of pages

Thousands of pages went viral online for about an hour Tuesday morning, along with several of the world’s largest web sites, advertising campaigns, online retailers and the UK government, disrupting millions of internet users.

The communication problems that lasted about an hour were seen to affect media pages including BBC, New York Times and, promotional services Spotify, Twitch, Hulu and HBO Max, Stripe Service Stripe and Reddit board. Together, online services reach hundreds of millions of people every day.

Interrupted by UK websites,, may have caused problems for people who received the Covid-19 vaccine or reported it.

Silicon Valley-based online weapons provider Fastly believes he is responsible for this. He hastily did not respond promptly to the request for comment.

It quickly activates the delivery network, which is designed to help you quickly open web pages and large files such as music and videos. Other major CDN partners are Cloudflare, Akamai and Limelight.

CDNs store their customer information on clients around the world, reducing the “back” problems of the internet by bringing what is around mobile phones and PCs.

Quickly web page started reporting problems with CDN services at 09.58 UTC.

About 45 minutes later it said: “The problem has been identified and repairs are underway.”

In addition to several media groups, the Fastly page lists ecommerce platforms Shopify and Stripe, as well as retailers including Wayfair, Boots, Dunelm, Ticketmaster and Deliveroo among its customers.

Stripe said in a tweet from his page: “We are investigating a Dashboard and Support Site problem that is failing to be published. We’re writing a message soon.”

Shares in Fastly, which listed the New York stock market and the $ 6bn stock market, were about 2% lower in sales before Tuesday’s sale. The ten-year-old company is based in San Francisco.

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