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Citroën converted its small Ami EV into a mini-car


Cheap and fun Citroën Ami electric car and to find a new type of city van van. As its name implies, “Ami Cargo” offers the same package storage at a slightly higher (but cheaper) price of $ 29 per month. The French car manufacturer designed the space by adding a seat with a fixed box that can carry more than 140 kilos.


As a result, the first two seats have been converted into a one-seater, with a clear departure between the driver’s seat and the luggage compartment. There is also a floor space with a fixed shelf that also includes a desk. (If you want to stand up during delivery to take a break or to work).

And that’s the audience Cargo wants. Citroën says the “van” was designed to make “final mile carriers” in mind. As retailers as Amazon turns to fixed vehicles on their ships – including small machines such as bicycle in India – The new Ami may be suitable for urban transporters as well as for food and Sales to leave.

Best of all, no driver’s license is required (probably not in France, where it can be used). Obviously, there is no reason for young and old alike to be reluctant to buy or carry larger items.

Except for the extra space, this item is similar to the original Ami in size and functionality. It has a 6kW motor combined with a 5.5kWh ground battery, which allows for 47 miles. The new model runs at a distance of 2.4 meters and 1.4 meters, making it ideal for city driving, and has a top speed of 28 mph. It’s as cheap as its brother, prices ranging from $ 7,821 or $ 29 per month as a union agreement in France. Ami Cargo is expected to arrive in early June.

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