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Chinese terrorists are attacking Uyghurs by branding themselves a UN Human Rights Council

Chinese-speaking pirates are posing as United Nations by threatening the Uyghurs, according to cyber security agencies Check Check and Kaspersky.

Investigators have identified an attack by extremists claiming to be the UN Human Rights Council sending a document condemning human rights abuses to the Uyghur people. This is a malicious Microsoft Word file that, when downloaded, releases malware: the goal of which, perhaps, the two companies are, is to trick high-level Uyghurs in China and Pakistan into opening the back door of their computers.

Image: Check Point

“We hope the attack is the result of intelligence, which is about to take place and set up a back door on high-tech computers in the Uyghur region,” said Lotem Finkelstein, chief of security at Check Write, in a statement. “These attacks were designed to cut off the fingers of infected people, including all of them [their] operating software. As far as we can tell, this invasion is still going on, and new weapons are being developed to look like future threats. “

Hacking is a frequently used weapon in Beijing’s warehouse, especially in the ongoing massacre against the Ugyhurs, which uses global and online surveillance. Recent MIT Technology Review reports have shed some light seizure campaign which was aimed at a few Muslims.

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