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China’s Quieterce Ecommerce Giant Succeeding at Innovation

He Shuang, a pomegranate farmer in the southern part of Sichuan, is the New Pinduoduo Farmer. The former flight attendant returned to his remote mountain village from the city of Kunming in 2017. He first shipped the fruit and truck to Chinese retailers, who also sold the fruit to buyers. After switching to Pinduoduo, they are able to reach customers directly; he says this has led to “our desire for yields, which makes our money more efficient.”

In a recent video, he chopped pomegranates from a bush in his garden and, because he “has no nails,” bit the ground to expose his juicy seeds. Although he was strong at first, Now he shows up on camera. “Being in a group is like talking to a customer to build confidence,” he says. His insane sales led Pinduoduo to use him video and words advertising. Real estate agents are now at $ 150 million, and their annual income for 2019 was 40 million yuan ($ 5.7 million).

Sofya Bakhta, expert on Daxue consulting, says Pinduoduo’s group acquisition helped to divert its customers and connect consumers with farmers, “creating a mature market.” This lowered the price of farmers and provided them with some of the advantages of large-scale farming. In the past, says Gerard Sylvester, a UN FAO economist, farmers often experience uncertainties and volatile prices. “We have seen a number of farmers move their produce to market, but we have found that the retail price is lower, lower than the retail price, and they lose all the produce outside the market to avoid paying extra for the carrier to return home,” he said.

Sylvester says Pinduoduo benefited from a robust approach to the use of weapons and mobile payments through major Chinese communications. WeChat. He also said that Pinduoduo has raised farmers’ income and given them the opportunity to develop plans, which will enable them to create new jobs in rural areas. In August 2020, Pinduoduo launched the Duo Duo Grocery, a delivery service the next day, to help farmers sell directly to local buyers.

Not all farmers enjoy Pinduoduo. Yang Lin sold 30 tons of apples a month on the platform in 2019, but says he “didn’t make any money” at Pinduoduo, especially after writing ads he bought on the site to attract buyers. He thinks he could have made a profit in Pinduoduo if he had sold more apples, but he gave up because the intrusion seemed too complicated. Advertising is not required. When asked about what happened in Yang, a company spokesman said Pinduoduo “wins” farmers and works to “expand the market for farmers so that they can sell better.”

Some critics have said Pinduoduo and its competitors are disrupting the commercialization of harmful products to other farmers, because these traditional nets are more stable and integrated than the ecommerce algorithms that prefer not to sell the seeds being sold.

Dudarenok says that technology “is not the only solution to help farmers get out of poverty, or to improve their lives and their businesses.” But it is said that Pinduoduo has provided a permanent place for buyers, a way to sell, and sell to sellers. “Farmers and consumers are more likely to succeed by cutting the middle ground,” he says. However, it says farmers “also have to ‘work’ with the rivers and buy advertisements. You have to be professional to catch eye witnesses.”

Bakhta says programs like Pinduoduo will not change the physical markets, because China is big enough to accommodate both. His four years in China have convinced him that the local market “is not just a place to shop. This is a kind of club where you can come in, chat, practice your skills and immediately buy something new and delicious,” he says. especially farm owners, is part of Chinese culture. ”

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