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China’s China Rover took a selfie


Images of Mars it’s not just on American travel. As About notes, China had it Zhurong rover take a picture of the “tour group” by planting a remote camera and standing near its height. The robber explorer also skipped the image of the page (below), the image of the platform itself and the invisible Martian shape.

Permanence sent her selfie in early April, though it relied on her hand instead of shooting the camera.

Zhurong is ready to study the climate and geology of Mars for about 90 days during their mission. We would not be surprised if it lasted longer, like US-based travel. Even if it comes down in time, it will have achieved as much as the first non-American spacecraft to successfully land on Mars. Selfie is a lot to brag about because of this but it shows how Zhurong is doing.


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