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Cheney’s opponent supports Trump’s election in Republican presidential race


Republican challenger Liz Cheney as party leader echoed Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2020 elections are uncertain, showing how the former president’s loyalty has been a test of progress within the conference.

Elise Stefanik, 36, a lawmaker in New York, wants to be elected to the next Republican seat in Parliament while Cheney faces he wants to get rid of her out of office for refusing to explicitly state that the election was rigged.

On Wednesday, Trump endorsed Stefanik to the post, which could make him the party’s top mom on Capitol Hill, calling him a “tough and smart speaker”. He also accused Cheney of being “a violent idiot who has no business in the Republican leadership”, in a statement sent by his Save America committee.

The next day, Stefanik appeared in a podcast written by Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser, and said he was “supporting” all Republicans in monitoring the election results in Arizona, which shows Joe’s Biden won in November. Trump and his colleagues have tried to raise doubts in the vote despite repeated references.

Trumpet forgives Bannon shortly before leaving the White House after New York state police accused a former White House official of stealing hundreds of Trump supporters.

“Transparency is a good thing,” Stefanik told Bannon. “We need to fix security issues.”

Cheney’s exhausted power was also emphasized The power of Trump in the Republican party six months after being defeated in an election.

The staunch Neoconservative and daughter of former Republican president Dick Cheney, has said he will not support Trump if he runs back to the White House in 2024.

The 54-year-old Wyoming Republican voted in favor of Trump participated in the January 6 threats at the US Capitol that left five people dead. He has repeatedly spoken out against the former president and urged Republicans to accept the election.

After months of support from fellow Republicans, Cheney faces removal from office as the third Republican House next week.

Stefanik, whose rural area includes much of the north of New York state, has publicly called for the removal of Cheney’s jobs.

A Harvard University graduate who worked under George W Bush and later advised former House President Paul Ryan, Stefanik was instrumental in Trump’s first term as a former president in 2019. Research focused on Trump’s efforts to force the President of Ukraine to dig for dirt for Biden and his family.

Taking over the veil in Cheney, Stefanik told Bannon that the Republican party was “one party and that means working with the president”, meaning Trump, not Biden.

Cheney, meanwhile, has shown no signs of backlinking despite being without the support of Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, the first and second of the Republicans.

Mu op-ed this week in the Washington Post, Cheney warned that his party has “changed”, adding: “Republicans must decide if we choose the truth and adhere to the Constitution.”

“History is watching. Our kids are watching. We need to be brave to uphold the basic principles that promote and protect our rights and democracy, ”Cheney wrote. “I’m committed to doing this, no matter how politically it may be soon.”

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