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‘Animal Crossing’ and ‘StarCraft’ have joined the Video Game Hall of Fame


And there were four. After reducing the list of 12 finalists, Strong National Museum of Play he cried wrote four new names at his World Video Hall of Fame. For release, he is in 1982 Microsoft Flight Simulator, 1985 Where Is Carmen Sandiego?, 1998 StarCraft and 2001’s Crossing the Animal. He has hit what he likes in the beginning Call of Duty, Portal, Powerful Guitar and – check notes – MlimiVille to make this class class.

In the same way, StarCraft is the second Blizzard game to enter the house afterwards World of WarCraft was on the first game selected by the former in 2015. Anyone can choose a game, but a team of journalists and video game experts help the National Museum of Play make the final decision each year. They strive to select potential candidates “who have been well-known for some time and have participated in the video or social media industry and in the community.” Past posts include old ones such as Pong, Tetris, Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Kart.

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