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CES 2022 will end one day at the start of COVID-19

After several companies complete removal of the pages for CES next week, the organization that runs the show announced today that the event will close another day early. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) said CES 2022 will now begin January 5 to 7 “as an additional security measure on established health systems.” January 3rd and 4th are just press days where press conferences and highlights take place.

Protocols also include masks and vaccine evidence to go to individual events. The CTA also recently announced the delivery of the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 badge. The commission has asked attendees to complete a 24-hour trial before entering the CES campus. If anyone saw signs at the CES site, the CTA advised them to go to the first aid center for testing. The agency will also offer a PCR test to anyone who is required to attend their departure before leaving for Las Vegas.

In the past week, major exhibitors like Amazon, Google, Intel, Lenovo, Meta and others have banned the CES 2022 human schemes. down in Vegas, realizing he has increased 143 in the last two weeks.

CTA CEO Gary Shapiro has defended the decision for the exhibition to be more personal as the omicron variation results in increased levels of COVID-19 cases in several locations around the world. “As the most powerful technical event in the world, CES is committed to its promise of a venue to showcase and discuss ideas that have enriched our lives,” Shapiro said. “We are shortening the demonstration to three days and have put in place safer measures to protect the participants and participants.” Shapiro also cited small companies that rely on the event as a way of doing things as a major reason for blocking the event. CES 2021 was completely.

“We are all going to be at risk,” he said in a recent op-ed for Las Vegas Review-Journal. “But without risk there is nothing new.”

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