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Central Texas Police Start Sending Tickets And Fees

Photo courtesy of For Drivers in This Texas City, Days of Police Dismissal

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If you live in Windcrest, a city northeast of San Antonio, the days are drawing to a close with police crackdowns. traffic laws — shame on you, but there is no judgment here — is over. The police simply give you a warning or a ticket. And hey, if you’re a good driver, they might send you a thumbs-up.

Windcrest will introduce new features Reliable Operating Software Saturday, which aims to reduce interaction between police and civilians for violating minor traffic laws. The online app is the first of its kind in the US and allows officers to send an SMS message informing them of their traffic violation – and for good reason – if possible, rather than dragging them.

Val Garcia, a former San Antonio police officer and CEO of Trusted Driver Program, said KEN5 boarding station that the program was not a 100% solution, but it was “a step forward in the right way. ”

“If we reduce this interaction due to minor traffic violations, [police] having more time to volunteer for big criminals like [individuals drinking while intoxicated] those on the road, reckless drivers, running, “Garcia said.

Windcrest is the first city to run the program, though it could grow to the point cities have in the future.

Signing up for a free app seems easy. Windcrest drivers must go to the Trusted Driver Program website making history and provide their name, address, vehicle, insurance information, and email address, among others. They may also choose to offer voluntary disclosures, such as disability or illness.

This, which may include, for example, whether you are deaf, have PTSD, autism, diabetes, or some other disability, may be necessary if officers have nothing to do but pull someone else, Garcia explained.

“It provides information to a police officer in the field so that they can stop cars in case they happen and get off,” Garcia said.

The Trusted Driver Program states that it will not sell, share, or impart information that users incorporate in their profiles to any dealer or company.

Monga described by KEN5, police officers who use the Trusted Driver Program who detect minor traffic offenses drive your vehicle license and verify that you are the driver. (Users must post a photo on the page to confirm this, but we have not been able to confirm this when we tried to register on Friday since the service was launched on Saturday).

The Officer Will Download Your Reliable Operating Program more and I will send you a warning or ticket through scripture. On the other hand, the police can also send text messages to drivers when they are doing a good job following the rules of the road. (Whether the messages brought happiness or anxiety before they were read is unknown, because who received the message from the police for good deeds?)

In addition to stopping parking, the Trusted Driver Program also helps users pay for and book tickets.s online. According to program page, users can pay a fine on the same day, a competitive tickets in the “virtual courtroom,” or receive a ticket to an online security course.

However, even the police are able to contact you through this app, does not mean that they can track your location. Officials of the Trusted Driver Program also emphasize that people who register for the program do not have access to traffic tickets. The goal of the program is not to make money, they save.

“Being a member means you are improving the security of travel through secure and digital communications. Also, electronics wordsion is only provided by officers who see a slight breach, “say officials at the app’s website.

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